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A Guide to Use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Events

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has been creating the buzz ever since the launch of Oculus Rift. It was further followed by HTC vive and Google Glass which brought in a remarkable technological wave to excite the people. VR and AR are making a phenomenal impact in the event planning industry.

Using Virtual Reality At Events


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality– What is it?

VR or Virtual Reality is a simulation generated by computer technology to create realistic, 3D (3-Dimensional) images, accompanied by sounds, and other sensations. Augmented Reality or AR is a physical view of real world environment wherein the elements are augmented by a computer generated technology. The main difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual reality is, the latter is simulated, and the former is real time.
Virtual Reality and Augmented reality has numerous applications in the fields like,

  • Events – To provide the attendees an exquisite experience
  • Gaming – A vertical that enhances the gaming experience
  • Entertainment – Cinema enthusiasts are in for a treat!
  • Research – A cost effective tool to replicate and study various interactions
  • Psychology – To study human perception, psychological, and emotional quotient
  • Education – A virtual environment to develop skills and understand concepts
  • Medicine & Health – A new way to test the drugs and understand diseases


Using Virtual Reality at Events – How and Why?

Events, tradeshows, conferences, and meeting benefit a lot with VR as it will play a pivotal role in the event tech space, and will allow the users and attendees to stash a realistic experience; well, a virtually realistic experience! Companies and event planners always strive, and try to incorporate newer technologies which will enhance the overall user experience in the event industry.
There are various ways to incorporate the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in various events like meeting, conferences, tradeshows, and more. This will benefit both the attendees and the event organizers.


Meetings are now virtual reality meetings!

For an event to be successful, an amalgamation of various factors is involved. VR and AR plays a major role in the events as it will help in cost reduction. A lot of money has to be spent on deciding and booking the venue, catering, other essentials like logistics, and lodging. Whereas a virtual meeting in a virtual venue will be a cost effective; with the advent, and integration of new technology, the meetings will be more fun and would save the attendees the travel and commuting time.


Present(ations) in Style

At conferences or meetings, a lot of presentations are involved, which at times get boring. Whereas the use of VR and AR will enhance the live event experience, this will help the attendees to get a spectacular visual of VR and AR at a conference which is interactive which will help the event organizers and the attendees to interact on a different level, altogether.


Cruise through Social media

Snapchat is the best example for providing a distinctive view of the Golden Globes through their spectacle. Social media is an important tool to keep the people glued to the on goings and happenings of the event; and integration with AR or VR with social media will facilitate control to the user which will further help in experiencing the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at a notch higher.


A mobile event

With VR headsets available at throw-away prices (like VR Google Cardboard), a user or an attendee can get experience VR through their mobile device. The organizers can integrate VR and AR on their event app as a unique feature to showcase a product, service, a presentation or anything that can be deemed useful for the attendees. With the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality taking up a huge space in “latest trend” department, it will inevitably create more waves.


Showcase Products and services

A successful trade show is always incomplete without showcasing the products and services. The display of the products can be done virtually! Usually, trade shows require a lot of space to accommodate all the products that have to be advertised. The cost of gigantic venues can be cut by implementation Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. AR and VR will allow the attendees to engage with the products, and the companies will get a better chance to impress and bond, with the attendees.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the trends that would stay forever. It enhances the visual experience of the attendees, giving them a taste of technology in vogue. Likewise, it also helps the event organizers and companies to entertain and strike a bond with the attendees.

webMOBI has been in the event industry steadily by creating customized apps for events, meetings, conferences, trade shows, expo, film festivals, and marathons. With the advent of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the event industry space, it has become mandatory to integrate these features in the apps to create a great user experience, and webMOBI has been successful in implementing VR and AR.


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