Webmobi Customer Enagement Mobile Apps for Retail Business

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Being a large retailer brings you across a host of unwieldy situations all the time. These need to be handled carefully in order to ensure that the apple cart isn’t upset by the end of a busy day. Hundreds of stores, thousands of customers and lakhs of dealings can frazzle the most seasoned retail owner. The problem is aggravated when the business in question is one that promises instant services such as a fast food joint or quick service restaurant. In such cases, the demand is greater and the ability of the business is put to the test.

In order to meet such challenges head on, the more forward thinking businesses are looking to mobile solutions as a means to cater to the dynamic needs of the market. Starbucks for example made a few noteworthy moves regarding its payment options and is known to have begun the project way back in 2009. As pressure mounts in the market and with new solutions being pursued aggressively, it has become clear that the mobile platform is the way to go given its ubiquity and versatility.

The WebMobi platform is especially suited to the needs of the quick service industry. With a sharp focus on engagement and retention, our service allows you to harness the power of mobile to keep your customers hooked and to meet the logistical demands of routine transactions.

With respect to acquisition, the WebMobi dashboard is a tool that allows you to reach out to first time customers and interact with them using push notifications and simple messages which inform them about your company and the kind of services that are being offered. This is a wonderful means to convert the one-off customer into a regular.

With a large number of businesses sprouting up and clamoring for the attention of each customer, acquisition must be followed by engagement in order to ensure that a loyal user base is evolved. We address this issue using push notifications, which alert the user of the status of a purchase or a discounted product price, and location based marketing.

Location based marketing allows retailers to understand the position of a customer with respect to the store. This is a particularly important consideration to make in the case of the hospitality industry. Using geofences, messages and notifications can be tailored to address users who are at different proximities to the store. So while one user who lives outside a 5 mile radius of the store receives a notification regarding a new store that has come up closer to them, a customer near the store may get a message about a discount they could avail on dropping by within a certain time limit. In such a way, the platform leverages real-time data to make informed marketing decisions.

Talking about making informed decisions, the WebMobi platform also builds a detailed customer profile and analytics regarding customer behaviours. Using these, the retailer can run highly specific campaigns informed by the classifications made based on the analytics.

So say your newest customer- Sam, who happened to use the android app to view your restaurant menu, has just made an order. Using the push messaging facility, you let him know that the order has been confirmed and let him know the time in which it will be ready. Receiving this message, Sam gets in his car to make the commute to the restaurant. As soon as he is within a mile, you are alerted by the app. Sam walks in 10 minutes later and is immediately handed his order. As he is about to leave the store, he receives a message thanking him for the visit. A week later, you remind Sam of how he dropped by and also let him know that if he does so again within a week, a discount could be availed. Later, when he is on a plane out of the city, you wish him a safe journey and let him know that you eagerly await his return so that your business could be of service to him again.

Using WebMobi’s services, this kind of engagement becomes a reality, translating into the development of a loyal user base.

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