webMOBI introduces Digital Signage solution with live social wall for events

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An event gauges its success by creating exciting and engaging environments that make long-lasting impressions on its audiences. And as the industry progresses, more and more event professionals and coordinators are utilizing digital interfaces as strategic frameworks to generate more engaging events for their customers. The ultimate goal for digital display integration is to turn every attendee and delegate into an advocate for your company’s brand. Digital setups like social media walls can help transform any event into a lively social affair. Twitter, Instagram walls, and a combination of other networks can encourage more online social media sharing that will further hype up the event’s buzz and reach more extensive demographics.

Live display encourages attendees to participate actively and add to the shared event experience. With social media newsfeed updates and live gaming dashboards, live social walls and interactive digital signage can help connect every attendee in an event. Here are some of the significant advantages of using digital signage solutions:

1. Customization of your live social media walls with appropriate fonts, themes, and aesthetics.
2. Track real-time social media updates like hashtags, locations, and shared content.
3. Live social media display with limitless visualization and customization options.
4. Powerful and directive moderation tools and features to improve the “look” of your content, to help increase attendee engagement – e.g., choosing different filters and highlights that emphasize your brand.
5. Monetize your display using software that boosts your ROI while offering the event a more substantial exposure to sponsors. Digital signage and large screens can also be modified for paid advertising, in the lack of sponsorships.
6. Promote your hashtags before the event and build a community from social sharing and engagement, by driving attention to specific activities and portions of the event.
7. Live displays can integrate any and all event-related data in an agenda screen, thereby giving your attendees all the information they need in the palm of their hands.
8. Live digital displays can be quickly set up on site and are often available through a link from a content management system (CMS).
9. Interactive digital signage software can include sponsor screens to display images, brand logos or full-screen advertisements; in turn, indicating new ROI and revenues options for your event and sponsors.

WebMOBI’s digital signage and social wall displays offer clients features and tools that are 10 times more effective than any standard live digital display. Our digital systems and solutions facilitate attendee engagement and contain the following key elements:

1. Comprehensive agenda display

2. Banner adverts for premium sponsors and exhibitors

3. Notifications and real-time updates of top performers in gamification setups

4. Hashtags and social media shares for live Twitter walls

Live social walls have been a pillar of innovation for the past few years; where event planners have been collating an event’s social media package into a singular image or set of visuals that can be eventually broadcasted at events or on TV. But simultaneously, it is vital to understand that an event does not exist exclusively in its bubble and neither should your tools and equipment for enhancing audience engagement. So here are some tips to keep in mind when integrating new digital signage networks and software into your events and event apps:

1. Ensure that the responsibility and accountability for supervising the digital displays lie with at least one person. In the off chance of something going wrong with a display tool or equipment (i.e., faulty TV or projector, poor internet connection, etc.) this individual or team will have to respond quickly in order prevent the situation from further affecting the event.
2. Always test your tools and equipment at a minimum time of a week before the event; your TVs, display footage and content management software, computers, video walls, internet connection. This is to make sure that in the situation of having one of these tools fail, the events team would need to ensure flexibility in finding a solution.
3. Allow enough time for setting up your digital displays (this usually happens to be the most challenging part of the process).

Attendees often gain immense pleasure and gratification from seeing there social media posts projected during an event. And it’s equally essential for event planners to go beyond simple social media tactics and start concentrating on what’s happening in the cloud base and onsite. By incorporating digital signage solutions, the event can improve its customer experience for a while and ultimately expand its potential.

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