WebMobi Events Solution for eTailing Expo

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The Problem

eTailing India is a leading provider of latest news in online retail from India and the World. In order to acquire a larger customer base and provide a platform for online retailers to network and participate, eTailing India organizes World-class Expos across the country. But expos with more than 500 attendees pose a challenge to efficient communication & networking. There was a need for a virtual platform for all the attendees to come together to make communication easier. In this era, where the world runs on a Mobile, an event app would be the solution to this need. This was a task for the web team-and with the team’s schedules and projects, it would be days before it would be published. But this was not impossible. WebMobi’s pick and pack platform allows anyone from a marketing or content building team to build a mobile app.

Making it Happen

eTailing India approached WebMobi team to set up a demo and a trial to get the feel of the app and also to explore the various features of the app. They saw that optimizing the web content and creating the mobile app was pretty easy. One of the senior executives of eTailing India, from the operations team was given the task of creating the app. With zero knowledge of coding and no basic training in creating the app, she was able to come up with the ‘Mock up’ within a day. The mock ups were created without the involvement of the web team.

A graphic designer was added as a resource in order to create the required images with specified size for the tile display of the app. Once the mock ups were approved, it took them only a day to create the app and submit it on the app store. The app was made available on android and iOS platforms making it easier for diverse users to download the app. The organizers were of the opinion that the user dashboard was easy to navigate through and the content could be easily updated without much ado. The app was rich with features such as Venue details, Speaker Details, Agenda of the event, Exhibitors’ information, Sponsor advertising, Social Media integration etc. This app also incorporated high end features such as Rich Messaging and Push Messaging, which allowed the event organizers (eTailing India) to keep the attendees updated about the events and send them Real time alerts. The app could also incorporate the survey module, which would help one get the feedback from attendees easily and store the responses in a database. This app also had the option of hosting multiple events. A single app could provide multiple events’ information to the attendees. There is no hassle of creating an app for each event. The platform also provided a user dashboard which showcases statistical data of the app usage. This enables the back-end user to analyze the data and target the attendees with event information in a smarter manner.

The Solution

WebMobi enables Event Organizers to improve the experience of attendees and to increase sponsorship platform. WebMobi offers rapid mobile app creation. This app encourages participants to take part in constructive activities like meeting new people, answering questionnaires, troubleshooting, and visit exhibitors’ stands etc.

Attendees having access to event information is essential. Access to event information is crucial for them in order to network with other attendees. An event app completes the picture. It is a vital part of the process. Thus by bringing all the attendees on a single platform, all their requirements are tended to without much hassle. By making the application available on all devices such as smartphone, tablet or a laptop, the best experience of the event is provided to the attendees.


For more details, visit www.webmobi.com.

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