Client Spotlight – Webmobi events solution for Polycom

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The Problem

Innovative ideas often seem out of reach. Mobile optimized website or app? That would a project for the web team – and with their project schedule and lead time — you’d have to be crazy to even suggest building an event schedule app for TEAM Polycom without the web teams involvement — and have a QR code published in the event guide in just a few days. Crazy idea? Not really. Not when there is a platform like WebMobi that makes it easy enough for someone in the marketing department to build a mobile app.

From Idea To App – The Easy Way

Every company has people that check out and try new programs and tools after reading the latest technology news. “WebMobi was easy to try out with a free account.” said Peter Huboi, an Alliance Partner Marketing Manager at Polycom. “ One night I tried out a few of the features and saw that optimizing web content for mobile web pages and making a mobile app was pretty easy to do. It isn’t any harder to create a custom page in WebMobi than it is writing a blog post with a WYSIWYG blog editor. I modeled up a couple of pages of an event schedule over my lunch hour after remembering that, at last year’s event, many of the attendees were asking when and where the next session was because they left the published event guide in their hotel room. I knew that we could build a simple schedule app and not need to pull in web team resources to get the job done”.


Mobile App “Mockup” Built During Lunch Hour



A few screen shots in an email was all it took to get the go ahead. The marketing director wanted a little more “branding” than a bare-bones schedule app and added a Photoshop expert from the creative team. The social media marketing manager got the QR code for the event guide and said that adding the twitter feed would be nice to have during the event.


“I like using applications that are intuitive enough to learn without having to crack open a manual or look up features in help” said Peter. “We had 3 events going on in three different meeting spaces. I was looking for a way to create 3 columns that could be viewed in an iPhone sized screen. I saw this icon with a ‘W’ and when I moused-over it. It said ‘import form Word’. I put my 3 columns in a Microsoft Word table and, sure enough, it imported just fine.” Adding the TEAM Polycom event logo and hotel maps for the event really made the finished product look nice. Once the web page loaded from the QR code, the WebMobi platform allowed creating a custom icon for bookmarking the page like an app. Peter added “I saw some features like a window for adding javascript code that would be useful to any web team trying do more complicated mobile apps. But we had no need for anything like that. We built our app with the WYSIWYG page editor and pre-built page templates.”


Final Mobile App Screenshots with Branding

The Solution

The WebMobi SaaS platform has the features and programming interfaces you need to solve both simple and more complicated mobile content challenges. Enterprises, web designers, app developers, and even service providers can utilize the power of the WebMobi platform to build the mobile-optimized web experience or mobile app that today’s customers are demanding.



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