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Event App – A 3 Step Guide for Optimal Use

3 Step Guide to the Event App

The events industry is becoming increasingly mobile dependent, and it only seems inevitable to see mobile applications to become an essential asset for organizers and planners. Multiple studies conducted by Global Experience Specialists have shown that a whopping 91% of event planners and managers that have incorporated event app into their events have experienced a positive ROI rate. But regardless of these statistics, event planners often worry about their event apps gaining a successful adoption rate. Early event app adoption is exceptionally crucial, but it only yields long-term benefits if the adoption rate continues to increase over an extended period. In addition to the lack of awareness about the mobile tech to the saturation of event apps in the market, consumers have become somewhat careful and sagacious about the apps they choose to download and use. So to help you successfully launch and promote your mobile event app, webMOBI has curated a set of sure-shot strategies to encourage users and attendees in utilizing the applications.

Before The Event

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1. Make your event app a part of the event’s registration process. By launching your app before the start of the event, the pre-event content provided can facilitate attendee engagement and motivate users to download and use the app upon arrival.
2. Market and distribute the event app’s download link through the registration platform. Event planners must keep in mind that to promote event app adoption, they must emphasize on increasing the app’s download and usage rate by creating custom and more accessible URLs.
3. Promote the event and boost your event adoption rates by conducting pre-event surveys through the mobile event app. It helps organizers not only predict the overall headcount for the event and get better insight into the demographics and attendee preferences.
4. Use the app to encourage attendee networking, before the event. By using a pre-event event app networking space, both organizers and attendees can populate personal profiles. Additionally, attendees can also do a bit of pre-event research by browsing other attendee profiles and get to know them even before the event begins.

Virtual event app

During The Event

1. Release exclusive updates or details regarding the event or resources that the attendees might need during the event through the event app, thereby allowing you to channel all your communication centrally.
2. Encourage attendees to use the app through gamification and polling systems. These proactive engagement tools can drive app adoption rates and even increase onsite attendee use.
3. Use your app as the primary brochure or guideline for the event. By doing so, you’ll also eliminate printing costs and make your event more “greener.”
4. Promote the app during the event. Have your spokespeople mention the app at the opening and periodically over the course of the event.
5. Utilize social media outlets to market your app to broader audiences. Use appropriate hashtags and searchable key terms to increase the chances of your attendees seeing the online conversations.
6. Use promotional photos and videos to make online posts about your app. These promotional visuals can either be updated and included in your e-mails, onsite screens and other communication and social media channels.

Post The Event

1. Use the app to collect feedback and opinions from the attendees directly. By doing so, event organizers can not only control the time taken to send the email out but also create incentives for attendees to help achieve higher response rates.
2. Use the app as a bridge between attendees to communicate and network with each other; thereby building a community through the app itself.

By comprehensively understanding and choosing the type of content attendees would find useful and which marketing techniques would help gain their attention are influences the final download rates that essentially help your mobile event app achieve favorable adoption rates.


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