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One of our goals at Box is to make your information as mobile as your are – that’s why our team is always hard at work to make sure our mobile apps do everything you need. Still, there are times when you want your own mobile app with custom features. Luckily, a new service called WebMobi now allows anyone to create mobile applications that are integrated with Box.

WebMobi is a cloud-based platform that lets you easily create your own mobile web app by dragging and dropping components in an easy-to-use visual interface. The best part? There are absolutely no programming skills required – using WebMobi, you can quickly and easily create a custom application that provides information to either your customers or your employees. There are pre-built components that allow you to add video, polls, calendars, and more, and the application interface is easily customizable.

One of the most useful components is the web form. In a matter of minutes, you can create a form to collect information from customers or to gather updates from your employees. And since WebMobi is integrated with Box, any data a user enters in a form is automatically added to a spreadsheet in your Box account. Of course, that means the data is instantly available to anyone collaborating on that folder, too.

Another advantage of WebMobi is that because it is used to create mobile web apps, any changes you make can be instantly made live, without having to go through any app store approval process. That feature, combined with the fact that WebMobi saves you the enormous expense of custom application development, allows you be flexible and iterate quickly – the true startup way.

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