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webMOBI’s App For HR Professionals


Every HR department in a company carries a hefty responsibility on their shoulders. They are accountable for not only recruiting a largely talented and skilled workforce, but they’re also in charge of keeping them motivated, passionate and adequately equipped for their roles. And as the world digital technology continues to expand and be incorporated into the various facets of a business, there is significant scope for HR professionals to variate their talent strategies. Mobile app technology has more often than so provided a one-step solution to many professionals across several industries, and by “going mobile,” HR professionals can not only work on optimizing their investments and talent strategies but also support their company through the multiple phases of recruitment.

Why Should You “Go Mobile”?
Mobile app tech has a multitude of benefits that go beyond the elimination of manual paper trails. By going mobile HR professionals can equip and allow teams with no prior technical knowledge to produce a centralized platform for coordination and communication that is both efficient and secure.

1. Innovation on the go
Taking on new hires can often be a long, monotonous, and time-consuming. And that’s where HR professionals can invest in mobile apps that can enable a collaborative network to communicate across various personnel. These apps also contain features such as essential schedules, check-lists, push notifications, photo albums and other important handouts that can be easily shared amongst users and employees.

2. Obtaining and maintaining the distinction
Mobile apps can be best used for strengthening communication lines between different teams and for streamlining all of their processes. Valuable information and handouts can be accessed from within the mobile app, where admin members can immediately update employees on newly developed content.

3. Make your events air-tight
Mobile apps can help HR professionals guide an optimal staff interaction platform and innovate events of any size. They can help you navigate through the events and help increase staff attendance.

Here’s Why webMOBI Is The App For You

webMOBI‘s mobile app consists of features and tools that can help you navigate through the various stages and necessities as an HR professional with ease and efficiency. It’s swift, easy and beyond cost-effective and our mobile app is built to promote and enhance user experience and attendee engagement. The app offers key tools and features like:
1. Event-based aspects: Agendas, Maps, Session Plans, Speaker and Exhibitor lists, Network Rooms, FAQs, Survey, Social Media links, etc.
2. Features for training: Shareable handouts, Surveys and Feedback forms, FAQs, push notifications, presentations, and materials for meetings and training.
3. Staff Needs: Documents, Policy handouts, Surveys, FAQs, Protocols, etc.


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