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Case Study: Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF) Event by Havells.

Havells, being a $1.4 billion company and having a global footprint, dominates the market with multitudes of goods like Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Motors, Pumps, Cables& Wires etc. The impetus for success has always been driven through the expertise of its great team of professionals, strong relationship with the associates, easy and quick adaptability, and the constant strive to look ahead.

Webmobi, the leading solution provider for Events, Customer Engagement and Sales Enablement well known for its Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platform provides push messaging that allows companies to deliver rich content like text, image, videos, audio, and HTML5 pages to their mobile app users, and provides rules to enhance targeting.

YEF- Havells

The Young Entrepreneurs Forum, an event conducted by Havells in 2015, in collaboration with Webmobi, that designed a comprehensive solution for their event through Mobile Applications and Websites in order to promote attendee engagement and for marketing the event.
The event was conducted on 4th of April at New Delhi and the occasion was graced by the renowned columnist, screen writer and author of ‘2 States’, ‘Five Point Someone’ etc., Chetan Bhagat who delivered an inspiring speech.

The below information gives an insight into the Application Developed and Designed for the Havells YEF event by Webmobi.

Application Platform

  • iOS
  • Android

App Features

  • Agenda

Includes the key points of discussion at the event. Addition of the details of entire event is possible. Information regarding the event can be added on a daily basis.

  • Delegates

All the individuals invited to the event and their details will be available here.

  • Dignitaries

Guest/ Keynote speaker information can be added here. It is also available for the attendees to view.

  • Forum

This is the platform that encourages engagement. Through this common platform delegates or those registered for the event, will be able to interact with each other through the chat facility.

  • Survey

Sends out a set of post-event questions which would prompt the attendees to respond easily. The type or format of survey questions available were in abundance and the choice to select was with the organizer.
When the name of the survey module was replaced with RSVP, it enabled attendees to send an RSVP before the event. Questions pertaining to the attendance of the event could also be added through this comprehensive survey module.

  • Map

When the longitudinal and latitudinal values of the event venue were added to the maps of this App, attendees were able to navigate easily and reach the venue expediently.

  • Go Social

Through this module, one could easily share and update the details about the event on multiple Social Media platforms.

  • Facebook: The link to the event’s Facebook page was uploaded on this module, and this enabled the attendees to know all the intricacies of the event and kept them engaged through this enormous social media platform.
  • Twitter: The event’s Twitter link was added on this module and frequent Tweets about the event got followers and adjured engagement.
  • Newsfeed RSS:RSS feed URL could be added to constantly keep attendees entertained with newsfeed.

Special Features of the App

The app has a dynamic and Scrollable side menu that has options like:

  • Search event app: This search bar allows anyone to enter key words through which comprehensive and pertinent search results are displayed, making all the app features accessible for the user.
  • My Schedule: To keep a check on the event schedules and the attendee schedules and customize according to the attendee.
  • My Messages: Through which one can see the messages delivered through their device and to keep a track of the same.
  • Push Notifications & Rich Notifications: Through this module quick text messages/ pop up notifications that are germane to the theme of the event could be sent to the attendees grabbing their attention.
  • Add to Favorites: An option that allows the attendees to add a particular delegate to their favorites list so that they can get constant updates and establish a connection between them.
  • Alerts!: The Push notifications send a pop up alert that shows a brief description of the information that has to be conveyed. An option called ‘Alert detail’ is available for getting further information regarding the alert.

How did Havells Leverage the App?

  • The YEF event had a great need for a medium through which it could establish effective communication with its attendees. Webmobi being the leading solution provider for Event Management and Customer Engagement developed and designed a platform that effectively enabled engagement with dealers, allowing them to create networks more efficiently, both after and prior to the event.
  • Havells utilized the push-messaging service effectively with all the dealers by sending them real-time on-the-go alert notifications.
  • They were also able to receive valuable feedbacks through the pre & post event survey modules available in the app.

How did attendees Leverage the App?

  • Attendees had the privilege to download the app through App Store, before the conduction of the event. Through this they were able to use some of the intriguing features such as the interactive networking tools like Facebook, RSS newsfeed, twitter that encouraged engagement and Maps which helped in the process of navigation.
  • The forum enabled attendees to exchange valuable information regarding the event. It also allowed the attendees to expand their contacts and discover people with common interests.
  • The attendees were able to customize their schedules so that they could receive calendar push notifications on important occasions of the event such as the speech delivered by Chetan Bhagat and other dignitaries.
  • The app enabled the attendees to voice their opinion about the event through feedbacks. A majority of the attendees showed interest in building a relationship with the top management of Havells and were exuberant that the platform provided by the ‘Forum’ feature in the app helped them create this nexus.

App Results

  • There were 142 registrations for the YEF event on 4th of April 2015.
  • 80% of app users were actively using the app during the event.
  • The app was opened 15 times per day per user on an average.
  • Each user performed 170 actions during the event through the app.

Future Plans

Since the Havells YEF app was used effectively throughout the event in April, it will be used at all the upcoming Havells YEF events. This app will be live during the event to encourage engagement between attendees and to continue the expansion of attendee networks within the Havells app.  This app has the potential to become the tool to explore different people with similar interests, maintain contacts with people they encounter and keep all the information, great moments etc., related to Havells and its events fresh in their memories.
This app would become the Ubiquitous-Attendee tool in the near future.


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