Who is the NSW Department of Education?

The New South Wales Department of Education (NSW) is revered for being one of the largest provisioners of schooling in Australia. The department offers a plethora of options for audiences ranging from pre-schoolers to migrant workers. And the DE International administration, which falls under the NSW Schools, is responsible for hosting staff training sessions, to better coordinate applications for international enrolments. These sessions and conferences function with the aim of attracting students, delegates, and attendees from various countries to participate in their study programs.


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The Goal Of The Conference

Situated in Australia, this conference hopes to increase transparency and accessibility of the information and services received by the delegates. The event also aims to motivate younger generations of students to engage and collaborate on various projects - and this is where the app comes in.


The outreach department of NSW Department of Education has teamed up with webMOBI to create an event app that can allow attendees and delegates to seek any and all information regarding the conference. Taking into account the mass number of attendees and training sessions the conference hopes to conduct, the event app will provide a list of tools and features that will ultimately improve the overall event experience. Upon use, the app developers and the organizers were able to obtain immediate feedback for every session, through live pools & survey. They were also able to welcome all their participants and guide them through the conference agenda and schedules, through networking chat rooms.

Ali Aminian
IT & Finance Manager, NSW Department of Education

Engagement by the numbers

  • 71%
  • 171
    Survey Feedback

The Outcome

The conference had over around 289 downloads and 332 attendees for the event app. The app facilitated and simplified the event logistics for the NSW team and allowed for an improved event management experience. The team also mentioned that they were able to gain a better reach and feedback analytics through the app's survey features and plan to use it for their future

Detailed feedback for different sessions with Survey and Live Polling


Excellent customer support with real-time response from the webMOBI team