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Unit 18- Registration Form


Here organisers or admin can set preference form questions so that organiser will get all the necessary information from the attendees.

Creating preference form:


In registration form page, Heading is mandatory as it reflects in the registration form in the website.

To add “Heading”

Click on “Add” button and enter the heading text and select user type.

After clicking “Add” button, new heading will be created.

Click on heading and enter the question, select user type and question type.

User type:

Default- This question will appear in all user type questions.
Attendee/ Exhibitor/ Media- These questions will appear only on selection of that particular login type.

Question type:

Single choice with feedback
Multiple choice with feedback
Single choice with no feedback
Multiple choice with no feedback
Custom response

User also has the option to mark it as mandatory question by checking the “Required” checkbox.

Click on “Submit” button to add question. To add another question, click on “Add” button.

Note :

• Once the question is submitted, it cannot be edited.
• To add a question at least heading is necessary.


To add sub heading:

Click on “+” icon next to heading as shown in below image.

Enter sub-heading and click on “Add” button.

Now select particular subheading under which question needs to appear and enter question as explained earlier in this document.