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Unit 27- Event Branding Guide

Branding guide for mobile app

webMOBI offers multiple design templates and branding options for your upcoming event. In addition, multitude choices are available for customization, which includes,

• Logo customization
• Selection of specific branding options
• Theme color for the overall app design, and complementary colors
• Choice for icons

Design Templates

There is an availability of two design templates for branded, and enterprise plan. For the standard premium with a default picture, a design template is available.

The detailed description of each is mentioned as,

1.Icon Design Template
2.Picture Design Template

Contact support@webmobi.com to provide ideal right design for your upcoming event.

Branding Guidelines

Which elements can be branded?

Customizing and revamping the app is the key to brand recognition and memorability. Our guide shall help you to understand the elements that can be branded in an event app.

App icon

App icon will be displayed on different platforms, which includes the device, the play store/app store, on the website, and in the event list in case, there are multiple events in your application.

Design Template

Below is a sample of the Picture Design Template in the App icon

Design Template

Below is a sample of the Icon Design Template in the App icon

Template Dimension Format
Picture Design Template 256px*256 px Png, Jpg
Icon Design Template 200px*72 px Png, Jpg

To publish the app in Play store and/or App store, the icon size should be of 1024 px size.

Splash Screen

This screen will be displayed while the app is being loaded.

Device Type Dimension Format
iPhone 1242px*2208px Png, Jpg
iPad 2048px*2732px Png, Jpg

Note: Photo transparent/translucent images cannot be added as the splash screen

Banner Image

Banner image is primarily used in Picture Design Template and website.

Dimension Format
860px*360px Png, Jpg

Note: Photo transparent/translucent images cannot be used for the banner image

Picture Design Template

Multiple images are used to showcase your app. It contains multiple grid systems which can be customized for an aesthetic look.

There are two types of grid system
1.Single grid in a row
2.Dual grid in a row

Grid System Dimension Format
Single grid 720px*240px Png, Jpg
Dual Grid 360px*240px Png, Jpg

Note: Photo transparent/translucent images cannot be used

Icon Design Template

Carousel images and the icons in the home screen can be used for this template. Icons can be selected from the dashboard for the respective sections.

Image dimension for the carousel as follows:

Dimension Format
1080px*525px Png, Jpg

Note: Photo transparent/translucent images cannot be used.

Speakers’ Information

Speaker’s bio and their image can be uploaded to facilitate facial recognition to help the attendees.

Dimension Format
256px*256px Png, Jpg

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The details of exhibitors and sponsors with their branding logo can be displayed.

Dimension Format
240px*180px Png, Jpg

Theme Color

The choice of theme color can be updated from the dashboard, either by using the color picker option or by writing HEX code in the respective section. It will be reflected in the home page, left panel, right panel, button colors, and in the inner pages.

Below are the few design samples for Splash screen, home page designs and icons in customized colors.

• Splash Screen

• Home-Page Design / Color

• Icons Color

Download Assets

Download the asset files for Picture Design Template Download Zip

Download the asset files for Icon Design Template Download Zip