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Unit 9 - Adding Sponsors

Adding Sponsors

Click on the "Sponsors" module from the left panel of the home screen admin dashboard. In the Sponsors page, you'll find two methods for adding sponsors, manually and uploading through the XLS sheet.

Adding Sponsors Manually:

  1. For adding sponsors manually, click on the "New Sponsors" button, which will take you to the Sponsors Details page.
  2. Now enter all the information as follows:
    • Company
    • Website
    • Email
    • Number of Users
    • Facebook [Link]
    • LinkedIn [Link]
    • Twitter [Link]
    • Selected Sponsor [ Yes/No]
    • Category [Create new Category as Gold Sponsor / Premium Sponsor and Choose]
    • Choose File [ Sponsor Image From local file]
    • Description
  3. Now Click on the "Save" button and publish it to see on the mobile app.