Thinking of transitioning to a Virtual Event? Learn how webMOBI can help

The best all-in-one support for online event

Live streaming

Live Q & A

Document sharing

Survey & polls

Push notifications

Event and Session Checkin

Intuitive Event Experience

Display an online event schedule in an intuitive interface. Includes speaker details,session descriptions with live stream information, ask a question, session surveys & private agendas,

Live Streaming

Multi-track sessions with live streaming

Live Poll and Q & A

Capture live feedback from the audience

Notifications and Reminders

Share information and updates with secure mobile notifications.

Host your main live stream from web apps & mobile apps

With the webMOBI branded and mobile container app, the sessions with the live stream or recorded videos are marked in the agenda list and agenda detail pages. The audience can connect various live streaming services within the webMOBI platform.

Live Engagement via Private Social Network

Engage with other members with one-on-one chat or post in the event feed with AI / ML-powered automatic content moderation.

Event and Session Checkin

Create meaningful connections with attendee networking features, including contact exchange, business card scanning, one-on-one chat, or directly connecting around the content for meetings.

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