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6 Benefits of Webinars! Events Gone Online

Short for Web-based Seminar, the word Webinar was coined several years ago referring to seminars conducted over the internet (web).  Presentations, lectures, workshops or seminars that are transmitted over the Web using a video conferencing software fall under the category of Webinars.
Many companies have begun to offer webinars as an alternative to traditional seminars.A significant feature of a Webinar is its interactive entities such as the ability to send, receive and discuss in real-time to elicit vital information.

Attend from Anywhere

Conspicuously, webinars award the prerogative of attending pertinent lectures or seminars from anywhere around the globe, allowing information and knowledge to be shared expediently. A live interaction is possible with webinars and it possesses the power to keep the attendees engaged. The quick and reliable nexus between the presenter and the attendee created by webinars is unparalleled.

Savoir of time and money

The process of planning and organizing a live event is generally trying, time-consuming, and expensive in comparison to hosting webinars. Quick sessions on particular topics would just require a decent internet connection, laptop, and a camera (sometimes without a cam too). Travelling expenses to and fro a live event, blocking an expensive venue, hiring staffs, decorations etc., is all compensated by a good webinar making it affordable to be conducted by the common man.

Exhorts Interaction

In contrast to Webcasts, where the data transmission is one way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience, webinars entitle the attendees to pose questions, doubts, point of opinions during the online seminar. Facilities like chats and file sharing have construed the transmogrification of webinars into a seamless online event hosting platform.

Webinars With you Forever

One inimitable feature of webinars is that it give the attendees the privilege to record the entire webinar for viewing it again several times later. This feature allows the attendees to easily recollect vital information and grasp the important points of the seminar with ease. The recording facility comes in handy when the webinar focusses on teaching a specific subject or imparting knowledge on any organization related matters, where the attendees would desire to go back and view the lecture once again to recollect the key points.

Document Sharing

The reason why webinars have an edge over a live event is that, webinars allow the presenter not only to deliver a speech on a subject but also share documents such as spreadsheets, word documents, slides and videos during the discourse.
Of late, attendees can also be given control to edit the documents that are shared or share a new document of their own transforming webinars into a lively and interactive platform.

Present Audience Polls and Questionnaires

Most of the software that facilitate webinars have the capability to rise up a poll or questionnaire that can be used as an effective tool for feedbacks. The attendees could use these options to raise doubts on the topic of discussion. Webinars also enables the presenter to manage live question and answer dialog’s during a presentation.

Around two-thirds of B2B marketers cite webinars and online events as the most constructive method for generating leads and marketing to prospects and customers. As a great event hosting source, webinars evince its potential as a successful online event.


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