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7 Best ways to Use YouTube for Ubiquitous Event Promotion

With over a billion users YouTube covers almost one third of all the user’s of the Internet. Everyday people watch videos for more than hundred million hours on YouTube. Around 500 hours of new videos are uploaded to the website every minute. YouTube provides innumerable opportunities to propagate an event. Here are some valuable tips:

A Teaser Video for your Upcoming Event

Creating an expectation is a vital factor for successful event planning. A short and crisp video that is able to give easy insights to your event, quickly describing the agenda, speakers etc., would be the best way to catch the attention of prospective attendees. A nifty Teaser video will explain the event’s entire idea and theme in few minutes. A Teaser or trailer video usually lasts for 3 to 15 mins but may vary according to the requirements or number of points to be covered.

Quality Matters

The video with the maximum number of views and likes have the best production team. High quality camera, great sound effects etc, are some of the factors that play an important role in a successful YouTube campaign. These factors if ensured, would give a professional touch to your event.

Create a YouTube channel

One way through which you can create upload and keep compiling all your event related videos is to create a channel in the name of your event or your organization that would accrue all the videos of your past, current and future events. Now if an attendee watches one of your videos he’ll be tempted to watch all the videos of your event’s channel.

Feature your attendees

Get your attendees to talk about your event, share their experiences or feedbacks after the event in your YouTube video channel. If you have a large number of attendees, then a quick mash up of all their feedbacks with a good background music, some floating texts and subtitles (if needed) would give am amazing feel to the video. Now the attendees who got featured in your channel will also share the video, thereby spreading the scope for your event.

Speaker/ Celebrity appearance

You could ask your event keynote speaker or celebrity to send in a quick video recorder through their phone, add it to your event’s teaser or create a new video and let your video spread rapidly among their fans.

Ask for subscription

At the end of the video you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that they keep receiving all the video updates of your event in their timeline. Most videos these days ask explicitly for subscription, using phrases like ‘if you liked our video, please hit the subscribe button’. For an event planner this subscribe button is going to act as an attendee-builder and loyal viewers.

Let your Video go Viral

One thing that every YouTube channel holder or event organizer dreams, is to see their video go viral. The word ‘viral’ in terms of a YouTube video means, the process wherein a video spreads to almost everywhere around the world or country without much marketing-efforts from the uploading person. This happens when your video has some content that every person is able to relate to. Surprising results can be seen, and miracles will happen when you don’t expect. That best describes the potential of YouTube.
This free video sharing platform provides a large gamut of opportunities for an organizer. A good, professional, germane video about your event has all the chances to reach a wide audience in just hours or minutes or seconds.


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