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7 Ways to use Flickr to make your Event Famous

The famous Yahoo-owned photo sharing platform, flickr has more than 112 million users. It allows you to upload share and organize photo and video content. You can create a gallery of photos that describe your event so that attendees on flickr will get to know about your event clearly.

Here are some effective tips for marketing your event on flickr:

1. Share Photos and Create a Story

As mentioned earlier flickr thrives on the photo’s that is uploaded on to the website. The quality of images that you share on this platform can construe a story-like description for your event. This is one entertaining method that can enchant your attendees.

2. Create Sets and Collections


The photos that you upload are by default categorized under sets and collections.

Sets are similar to photo albums or galleries.

Collections are just a group of multiple photo albums.

Create a set based on a particular concept of your event, for example, a set that comprises all the images of the event venue and titled ‘Venue’. Another set displaying the different dishes that are to be served, titled ‘Food’. Club these two sets and more into one collection which is has a title of your event’s name. So if you share the ‘link’ of your collection titled “Your Event’s name”, prospective attendees can view all the images regarding different aspects of your event.

3. Flickr Stats

One of flickr’s amazing feature is the Stats option. Through this you can track the number of views, likes and comments that each post or picture that you have shared.Flickr Stats

  • It gives a detailed statistics of the number views for Photos & videos, Albums, Collections, Galleries etc.
  • The graphical representation gives an overall understanding about the performance of your photos and its reach.

Source Breakpoint

  • The stats also gives the different modes through which people have viewed your images/ collections/ galleries. For example, the above image evinces the number people who have viewed through flickr itself as 62, and Search Engine views as 12 etc.
  • This information will let you know which media is helping you the best to reach out to people. You could either focus on the platform that has the best response and amplify it further or try to get more views through the other means too.

4. Tag to Win


Choosing the correct descriptive keywords is usually a trying task. To circumvent this confusion, try to observe and get an overall idea of what people are already searching for online and fit those words into your event’s context and use it as a tag for your image. A majority of photos that are viewed on flickr are a result of the tags.

5. Join Flickr Groups

If your events have a particular theme, join the group that also has a similar theme. Through these groups you will be able to share details regarding your event. People with similar interests will eventually want to know more about your event.

6. Link your Flickr Photo stream to the main Event Website

Make a slideshow of your images and upload the same on your website. Provide the flickr link on your website so that attendees can enjoy the visual treat that flickr provides.

7. Create a Flickr Pro Account

  • Initially you can create an account, upload as much as 200 images and have a storage of 1TB for free. Through the Pro account you will receive a Pro Badge on Flickr rising the status of your account.
  • You will be able to remove the ads, thereby making your account and the galleries more professional.
  • You’ll get a Desktop Upload to automatically back up images.
  • Receive advanced Stats on your photos.

This mass media sharing platform has proved that visual story telling is a strong tool for marketing. Create a better exposure for your event through Flickr. Share photos, keep your attendees engaged and use the platform to the fullest.


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