Go Green With Your Events

Go Green With Your Events

While the events industry has been expanding at an unmatchable pace in the past years, its effect on the environment has increasingly become more prominent. As a result, there is a greater emphasis and need for sustainable and innovative methods of event planning. The event planning sphere is experiencing a shift, in moving away from reputations of wastefulness and over-consumption.
For example, IMEX America hosted sustainability guide that contained numerous ways in which attendees, buyers, and exhibitors could be environmentally conscious and responsible during the event. Some of their key strategies implemented included badge recycling programs, using USB sticks instead of brochures, and consulting with “green” experts.
Technological advancements in mobile technology have been making it easier for companies and organizations to cut down on their carbon footprints. webMOBI has successfully created a platform that has facilitated planners and organizers reduce the consumption of their resources across all events. So here’s why “going green” has been a top priority for the events industry.

Using Online Event Management Tools


With over 70% of all printed material eventually heading to the trash cans, it is more imperative than ever for event companies to incorporate a system that helps reduce the consumption levels from the very beginning stages of planning and coordination. A central event management system helps yield incredible benefits from sustainable technology and conduct money-saving and earth-friendly events.
Some examples include event-specific mobile applications that can quickly replace paper pamphlets and catalogs.

Mobile Event App Tech

Mobile friendly event apps have proved as a standard means of sharing, scheduling, and networking. The primary environmental advantage that it offers every organization and planner is the reduced reliance on printing and shipping. Additionally, it also poses as a prominent method for favorable ROI rates. Attendees can contact organizers, other attendees, and exhibitors in easy and compelling ways, while sponsors can utilize mobile tech as valuable sales and brand building platforms. Additionally, advertising revenue can now easily be replaced by internal banner ads that can link users directly to the sponsor’s website or pages.

Going Green via Tech     

Here other small yet effective ways in which you can go green for your next event:                                3

1. Use accommodation properties within walking distance of the conference to save on transportations costs and emissions.
2. Donate your extra supplies and resources to local institutions to avoid waste and facilitate re-use.
3. Use signage and resources that are more perennial, and minimize on the themed and one-time use signs.
4. Seek sponsors that underwrite your eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives.
5. E-marketing techniques to promote your events and conferences.
6. Online website or mobile based registrations to negate paper-based filings.

How Expensive Will This Be?

Organizations and planners in the events industry often fear that the costs of adding environmentally known methods into the workflow might end up outweighing the benefits. However, this does not stand right for adopting innovative tech. From mobile applications to online registrations to website ads, event-based tech is associated with a successful reduction in the overall costs of an event. As of current times, sustainability is not just a means of becoming better corporate citizens, but also a way to generate environmental awareness and accountability for our society and future generations.

And for event managers and planners, going green can offer a distinct competitive advantage in the market. Ultimately, using the right tech and mobile event apps are a step in the right direction to increasing efficiency in event planning and coordination.

Tribeca Film Festival App

Tribeca Film Festival App

Tribeca Film Festival 2018

Movie buffs around the world are familiar with Tribeca Film Festival. To enhance the experience of the filmgoer’s, webMOBI has created an festival app for Tribeca Film Festival 2018. With easy navigation, the app has complete details about the list of movies that are screened, schedule, passes, and loaded with multiple features that make Tribeca Film Festival happening!


The features of Tribeca Film Festival 2018 app includes,

  •   Discover

This feature helps to find the movies and films based on genre, themes, etc. This feature helps you to find the kind of movie you are looking for using the filters.

  •  Film Guide

This feature has a list of all the movies that would be screened at Tribeca Film Festival 2018. It also has the details about the Director, duration, language, and more

  •  Wish List

This unique feature created by webMOBI for the Tribeca Film Festival app can be used to add your favorite movies to the list, and the user will be instantly notified about the screening of the film, availability of tickets and more.

This feature is directly linked to the user’s calendar which will automatically alert the user!

  • Maps

The easy navigation system will help you find the destination. It will also contribute to drift through the event floor plan.


  • Schedule

This feature shows the movie schedule. The calendar shows the movies/films screened on that day with the timings.

  •  Festival Hub

This feature shows the other events and live programs that are happening at the film festival. The augmented reality enhances the experience.

  • Passes and Packages

With the collaboration with Eventbrite, the movie tickets and the event tickets can be bought through this feature on the app. The user can also avail subscriptions and other lucrative packages through this features.

  • Industry

To ensure the festival experience is unparallel, this feature shows the information about screening, the panel meets, discussion and forums happening at the event.


  • Travel

This feature shows the travel partners and information about hotels that are open for accommodation, availability and more.

  •  Press Center

webMOBI has integrated the social media websites with the Tribeca Fim Festival app. This feature helps to connect with filmmakers, festival executives, etc. All the information related to the film festival can be accessed.

  • Connect

This feature helps you to connect with the festival on all social media platforms. One can subscribe to the newsletters, like the page, get box office information, etc.


Our seamless app for Tribeca Film Festival 2018 is loaded with features which will delight the filmgoer. With every detail available on the app, the user can get all the information at a click of the button. The movie buffs can also rate the film post the screening.

webMOBI develops the app for events like film festivals, conferences, sales meet, trade shows and expo, marathons, and more. The app is tailor-made to suit the requirements and the organizer and user can use it with ease.

Check out-webMOBI All in one event management platform

webMOBI – All in one Event Management software

webMOBI – All in one Event Management software

webMOBI has an all-in-one event management software that offers website, registration, ticketing, and mobile applications. This includes branded registration page, customizable check-out forms, ticketing and check-in application. webMOBI has built a complete solution for singex including website, mobile app, registration, ticketing with one single deployment.

Who Is The SingEx Group?

With its headquarters in Singapore, the SingEx Group of companies consists of four organizations that offer an elegant range of integrated solutions for event management and consultancy, venue and conference services, and international exhibition related logistics. The companies are closely linked to each other and are subordinates to the SingEx Holdings, owned by Temasek Holdings – one of Singapore’s most prominent investment companies.

SingEx focuses on creating international market space by hosting professional exhibitions and conferences and providing venue management solutions.

What Is The SingEx Website and App?

Demo Web 1SingEx has paired up with webMOBI to create and utilize a mobile event app and an online interface for its upcoming events. The app allows for attendees to obtain relevant information regarding the event and to network with other delegates and speakers, while the website poses as a dynamic events solutions software that eases pre-event processes like registrations and preference-based check-ins. The website’s interface helps increase audience attendance and minimize costs. webMOBI’s registrations solutions help unify an accessible interface and functionality, thereby allowing organizers to offer audiences a specialized and efficient registration process.


Here are some critical features the website offers for registrants:

1. Allow groups of participants and potential attendees to register, to streamline the process better.

2. Submit registration forms and preferences over the native website or direct mail.

Pref Form3. The app also manages attendee communications and run reports, by inputting event registration information.
4. Registrants can enter their information into systems, to avoid miscommunications and misinterpretations by event organizers
5. The app also offers an online payment process and is entirely data secure.
6. Users can also steer their way through the event’s activity, offerings and design, and title sponsor activity by signing up for multiple sessions.
7. Users can register themselves with the available preference categories. For example, exhibitors can register for the event as an exhibitor, to fasten their registration, check-in, booth reservation and set-up process.

Promo Code8. The registration software allows for personalized QR codes to each registered attendee for fast scanning upon check-in.


What Makes The Registration Software Stand Out?

The online registration interface allows for optimal productivity and high response rates. Event organizers can also promote and market their events on their native websites, with customized widgets within the registration system itself. Additionally, the registration software facilitates a multi-track, dynamic and session-based process of signing up and checking in – where attendees are offered a plethora of unique options for to sign up for themed and exclusive sessions within the event to create their dynamic track of activity. In addition to this feature, the website poses as a means to end solutions for attendees and delegates from various backgrounds to register for the event in accordance with the nature of their attendance. The preference tool systematically allows speakers, exhibitors, attendees, and delegates to register for the event with all the relevant data and secure payment processes. The registration and preference services also accommodate any last minute modifications, cancellations, and refunds to users.

The most significant element concerning this feature is that the app’s design allows organizers to replicate previous event data and software in a matter of minutes. Not only does this avoid the hassle of designing and re-designing interfaces, but it also helps duplicated already existing and necessary information that can be quickly updated for a new event. In addition to creating custom badges and mailing labels, automated wait lists to manage the event’s capacity, the app also includes generation of customized registration pages with personalized fields. The high-quality solutions software fits the needs and necessities of all event planners and managers while maximizing efficiency about costs and output.
What Are The Features of The SingEx App?

1. Agenda
This feature displays the event’s agenda in an intuitive interface for all the event activities. It includes information on speaker details, session descriptions and more.


2. Speakers

This tool offers users a comprehensive list of all the speakers and presenters, along with their detailed timetables. Attendees are notified and can keep track of the keynote speakers and their content

3. Documents and Videos
Attendees can now share relevant and interest documents, session content in both document or video format.

4. Polling
Event organizers can better gauge the attendees’ experience using surveys and obtain feedback instantly from the app based polling tools.

5. Exhibitors & Sponsors
Organizers and attendees can better gauge the titular sponsors of the conference, and maneuver their way through the list of exhibitors. The tool offers a comprehensive list of sponsors and exhibitors, to help enhance attendee interaction.

6. Leaderboard
This digital structure allows for gamification and online interaction between attendees.


7. Activity Feeds
This feature offers real-time updates and news feed for attendees to keep updated on all the activity that happens in the event.

8. Social media
This tool offers attendees to promote and continue communication regarding the conference even post the event, through Facebook, Twitter handles and hashtags, and Instagram.

9. Contact Us
This section of the app helps provide attendees with all the organizer’s details in need of further contact or queries.

10. About us
This feature provides attendees a detailed account of the organizer’s history, objectives, and work, to allow users to understand the nature of the event and organizing body better.

11. Schedule
Users are offered the ability to personalize their schedules, by creating customized timetables for the conference.

Mobile Events Apps for Schools

Mobile Events Apps for Schools


Mobile events apps are not just a favorite element amongst large-scale conferences and business meetings. An increasing number of schools and colleges are finding themselves using mobile event apps for their educational and association meetings and agendas. These conferences are hosted during the school year and the summer months, and mobile events apps have proven more and more valuable an asset to their functions.

There are multiple reasons for employing a mobile event app, especially for student orientations and parent-teacher programs. Apps offer a reliable method for schools to eliminate lengthy and expensive manual processes of registrations, promotion and feedback sessions. Additionally, they also provide the luxury to go over and edit any information and send real-time updates to attendees. Organisers can revise schedule data and immediately alert users about any notifications. And including the expenses of the app design and other miscellaneous costs, the effort and cost of a mobile app are often lesser than that of using paper-based materials.

This year, the APS3T has partnered with webMOBI to design an official app (iPhone and Android) and website for the conference. The mobile app is built to promote and enhance the user experience and attendee engagement. Some of its key features include:


The app provides all your students with easy access to simple registration, check-in, and management at any school event. Make registration simple with scanning QR codes or barcode; you no longer have to see a long line of students at the registration/ check-in desk!

2. My schedule
The app allows students or any other attendee to bookmark sessions they wish to attend. This tool provides a complete program for students and attendees of any upcoming programmes and events happening in the school. Users can also add sessions to their local calendar on their device.


3. Push messages
Push messages are one-way notifications sent to all users via their smartphone. Information regarding the event and conference can be received or sent quickly with the help of alerts.


4. Session Updates
Any updates regarding sessions or events can be delivered to the user’s home screen. This tool allows for attendees to remain updated on any upcoming events to be marked on their calendars.

5. Sponsors
Showcase all your sponsors with their logos and banners in the event app; they’re likely to get more attention and achieve higher conversion rates. Feature your sponsor’s logo on every page, giving them all the exposure they want on the app.

6. Exhibitors
By providing a separate section for exhibitors, the app offers users a better idea of the entire event. The Exhibitors feature allows users to add as many exhibitors as they need with detailed profiles including logos, profiles, booth number, contact information and more.

7. Social media
The app also links to the school’s Twitter feed (including hashtags!), Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat, and more where students can share their ideas and views. Students can upload photos as well.

8. Survey and polling
Catch student and parent evaluations about their experience, then review the data and use it while planning the following year’s plan. Instant Polling will allow you to get the feedback from them about all the events and sessions where you can project the results simultaneously on a large screen.

9. Speakers
Provide a complete profile of speakers for all the sessions which offers better insights into the session.

10. Q&A
A live interactive environment where students and can interact with respective speakers during the session, in live Q & A sessions. Students can upvote their favorite questions.

11. Conference schedules
This tool offers a complete program of the conference for attendees to keep track of things.

12. Map
This feature provides a virtual campus tour to prospective students. The google map integration allows students to find their way at their own pace with details of sessions and events.

webMOBI introduces Digital Signage solution with live social wall for events

webMOBI introduces Digital Signage solution with live social wall for events

An event gauges its success by creating exciting and engaging environments that make long-lasting impressions on its audiences. And as the industry progresses, more and more event professionals and coordinators are utilizing digital interfaces as strategic frameworks to generate more engaging events for their customers. The ultimate goal for digital display integration is to turn every attendee and delegate into an advocate for your company’s brand. Digital setups like social media walls can help transform any event into a lively social affair. Twitter, Instagram walls, and a combination of other networks can encourage more online social media sharing that will further hype up the event’s buzz and reach more extensive demographics.

Live display encourages attendees to participate actively and add to the shared event experience. With social media newsfeed updates and live gaming dashboards, live social walls and interactive digital signage can help connect every attendee in an event. Here are some of the significant advantages of using digital signage solutions:

1. Customization of your live social media walls with appropriate fonts, themes, and aesthetics.
2. Track real-time social media updates like hashtags, locations, and shared content.
3. Live social media display with limitless visualization and customization options.
4. Powerful and directive moderation tools and features to improve the “look” of your content, to help increase attendee engagement – e.g., choosing different filters and highlights that emphasize your brand.
5. Monetize your display using software that boosts your ROI while offering the event a more substantial exposure to sponsors. Digital signage and large screens can also be modified for paid advertising, in the lack of sponsorships.
6. Promote your hashtags before the event and build a community from social sharing and engagement, by driving attention to specific activities and portions of the event.
7. Live displays can integrate any and all event-related data in an agenda screen, thereby giving your attendees all the information they need in the palm of their hands.
8. Live digital displays can be quickly set up on site and are often available through a link from a content management system (CMS).
9. Interactive digital signage software can include sponsor screens to display images, brand logos or full-screen advertisements; in turn, indicating new ROI and revenues options for your event and sponsors.

WebMOBI’s digital signage and social wall displays offer clients features and tools that are 10 times more effective than any standard live digital display. Our digital systems and solutions facilitate attendee engagement and contain the following key elements:

1. Comprehensive agenda display


2. Banner adverts for premium sponsors and exhibitors


3. Notifications and real-time updates of top performers in gamification setups


4. Hashtags and social media shares for live Twitter walls


Live social walls have been a pillar of innovation for the past few years; where event planners have been collating an event’s social media package into a singular image or set of visuals that can be eventually broadcasted at events or on TV. But simultaneously, it is vital to understand that an event does not exist exclusively in its bubble and neither should your tools and equipment for enhancing audience engagement. So here are some tips to keep in mind when integrating new digital signage networks and software into your events and event apps:

1. Ensure that the responsibility and accountability for supervising the digital displays lie with at least one person. In the off chance of something going wrong with a display tool or equipment (i.e., faulty TV or projector, poor internet connection, etc.) this individual or team will have to respond quickly in order prevent the situation from further affecting the event.
2. Always test your tools and equipment at a minimum time of a week before the event; your TVs, display footage and content management software, computers, video walls, internet connection. This is to make sure that in the situation of having one of these tools fail, the events team would need to ensure flexibility in finding a solution.
3. Allow enough time for setting up your digital displays (this usually happens to be the most challenging part of the process).

Attendees often gain immense pleasure and gratification from seeing there social media posts projected during an event. And it’s equally essential for event planners to go beyond simple social media tactics and start concentrating on what’s happening in the cloud base and onsite. By incorporating digital signage solutions, the event can improve its customer experience for a while and ultimately expand its potential.