The 8 Key Elements of Event Planning for a Grand Success in 2022

The 8 Key Elements of Event Planning for a Grand Success in 2022

When it comes to event planning, there are certain key elements that you need to keep in mind in order to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. These key elements include things like the venue, the date, the guest list, and the budget. By focusing on these important factors, you can create a blueprint for your event that will help ensure its success.

Importance of event planning

Importance of creating an event plan

When it comes to event planning, there are a few different options that planners have when it comes to putting an event together. One option is to plan a hybrid event. A hybrid event is a combination of two or more different types of events. There are many benefits to hybrid event planning. Some of the benefits include cost savings, increased attendance, and increased media coverage.

One of the main benefits of hybrid event planning is cost savings. By combining two or more events into one, planners can save money on things like staff costs, marketing costs, and space rental costs.

In addition, by having multiple events taking place simultaneously, planners can also increase attendance at their events.

And finally, by incorporating different elements into one event, planners can also get increased media coverage for their event.

Key elements of the event planning process

Any type of event will be needing a proper plan and a process to achieve your organization’s goal. Hosting an event is a hard job and achieving your event goals with that event becomes even tougher.

Here are 8 important elements of event planning that, if followed, will lead your event to success.

1. Understand the objective of the event

Every event type should have a primary purpose, event goals, and objectives, which give the measurements of success. If the event professional understands the purpose of the event, it will lead to better event planning and proper allocation of time and money.

In order to achieve success, event planners need to set a realistic goal and in particular a realistic attendance target.

It is a good idea to start by identifying the specific event goals. What are the different event ideas in your mind? How to approach the event theme? What do you want attendees to do or feel when they leave? What are you hoping to achieve? Once you have a good idea of what you’re working towards, you can start creating a plan with respect to the event goals that will help you reach those objectives.

Without a clear event theme, it can be hard work to make decisions about everything from the venue to the type of entertainment. Once the event planners know the core concept of your event.

2. Know Your Audience

Depending upon your company goals, you will need to identify your target audience and their needs. Once you have selected the target audience, you should figure out where to find them and determine the way to reach them. Do you have a long enough list of prospects or do you need to search outside?

If your event planning process is not tailored to the audience, it can be a waste of time and money. The target audience may not be interested in what is being offered or the messaging may be lost in translation.

Understanding the target audience begins with understanding who they are. What are their demographics? What are their interests? What motivates them? Once this information is known, it is easier to generate event ideas, and create content and messaging that speaks to them on a personal level.

Creating an event that resonates with the target audience can help to increase attendance and engagement. It can also help to build relationships with potential customers and clients. By understanding who they are, event organizers can create events that truly matter to their target audiences.

There are many ways to reach your prospects and generate more audience and potential clients. Email marketing,  social media, telemarketing, pay-per-click, and search engine optimization are the things to consider.  Depending on the target audience, some of these ways will be more effective than others.

Having all information about your audience will also help you determine the type of big events you need to host.

3. Selection of the right venue is vital

Depending on the type of event and targeted audience and choosing the right venue is vital to your event’s success. There should be a connection between the organization’s expectations from the event, the venue selected and the audience being served.

Here are a few reasons why selecting the right event venue is important:

F– Effects on the event budget: The venue can impact the overall event budget and other additional costs. If you select a venue that is too expensive, you may have to cut back on other basic elements of the event.

– Audience participation: The venue can determine the number of audience in the event. If you choose a location that is not easily accessible or does not have enough space for your guests, you may not have the desired audience participation.

– Event atmosphere: The venue can affect the atmosphere of your event. If you select a casual setting for delivering a unique corporate event, but your team members are more comfortable in a formal setting, they may not have a good time.

4. Suitable Timing

Much like the right venue, the right timing is also vital to organizing a successful event. To determine the right timing, there are many factors to be considered, such as days of a week, months of a year, holidays or other events in the calendar, type of event, location, and many local factors.

For any type of event planning, it is important to have a suitable timing. This will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that your guests have a good time. There are a few things you need to consider when picking a time schedule:

1. When are your guests available?

2. What is the duration of the event?

3. What are the start and end times?

4. How much time do you need for setup and cleanup?

5. What is the availability of your venue?

6. Are there any special events happening that day that could impact attendance or timing?

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can then begin to plan out your event timeline. This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. Event scheduling it equally important for virtual events. In virtual events, the attendees can be from any part of the world with different time zones. So, the event organizer should consider the timing factor in virtual events to conduct a beautiful event.

5. Draft a plan and follow the timeline

Now you have a definite goal and you know your target audience, it is time to have a plan to execute the tasks and achieve the goal. Depending on the size and complexity of an event, start the event planning  process early enough so that you have time to understand every aspect of the event, its requirements, necessary actions, and so on. You should determine the major milestones and deadlines before you begin.

Merely planning an event is not enough for the event’s success, you have to follow the timeline and keep track of the work being done.  This helps ensure that no tasks are forgotten and that the big event runs smoothly. By keeping track of the work, you can also identify any potential problems and address them with your creative ideas and solutions before they become too big.

6. Create content that attracts your target audience

One of the most important factors to consider in an event plan is what value the event is gonna provide to attendees. Create compelling content that attracts your targeted audience, serves the information that your audience wants, or solves their problems. Add some value, don’t just use blatant sales pitches for your business. It is essential for a successful event.

This content can be used in a variety of ways, such as event promotion materials, the event website, and social media posts. By creating interesting and visually appealing content, planners can help ensure that potential attendees are excited about the event and will want to attend. Additionally, well-executed content can help promote the event before it takes place and generates interest from people who may not have considered attending.

Once you know who your audience is, you can start to think about what would interest them and how to best communicate that information. It’s also important to keep in mind the overall goals of the event and make sure that your content supports those goals. By creating engaging content, you can help ensure that your event is a success.

Use creative ideas while creating content to increase engagement. Check out some of the best new techniques that event organizers and exhibitors are using to increase attendee engagement and generate better ROI.

7. Design the event message you want to share

Well, creating content and having your audience consume it is actually a boon to your beautiful event objective. It provides you the opportunity to design the message away that attendees agree with or accept easily.

You don’t just throw events to cheer up the participant; events should achieve their mission, which is to provide information that helps the audiences understand the organization and its contribution and impact. That makes the attendees trust the organization.

One reason is that it can help to create a unified experience for guests. By having a clear theme or goal that is communicated through the messaging, guests will feel like they are all part of something special. It can also help to build anticipation for the event and make guests excited to attend.

A creative event message, for example, in a corporate event can help to set the tone for the evening and create a unique corporate event atmosphere. So, it should be included in your event plan.

8. Lead capture mechanism

This is very likely that for corporate events capturing leads of potential prospects is the primary goal. If taken care of all of the above things,  generating leads as an event organiser in corporate events will no longer be hard work for you. But you need to plan how you are going to capture your leads. Think of some creative methods or mechanisms that you think will work best for your events.

By having a lead capture mechanism in place, planners can easily gather the names and email addresses of potential attendees in both onsite and virtual events. This allows planners to keep in touch with potential guests and in event promotion as well for future corporate events.

Additionally, a lead capture mechanism can also be used to gather information about the interests of potential guests. This information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve the overall success of future events.

We have written a detailed article dedicated to generating B2B leads from events, please have a look. You can even manage your events through our online meeting without any hurdles regardless of these above elements.

By the way, if you are visiting our blog articles for the first time and are not aware of them, we create mobile apps for events, exhibitions, meetings conferences, and online meetings that increase attendees’ engagement by many times, reduce your effort in creating an event plan and gives measurable ROI.

Don’t Let Poor Event Logistics Management Ruin Your Event

In any type of event model, from a small onsite corporate event to large virtual events or conferences, the core concept is to remember to include event logistics management as one of the essential elements in the process.

By thinking about things like transportation, catering, and signage early on, you can avoid costly and stressful mistakes later on. Here are just a few reasons why event logistics management should be considered in your event:

1. It can help save money. By arranging for transportation and catering ahead of time, you can often get discounts from vendors. It can help you save some additional costs.

2. It can help ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the event. By having a plan in place for every possible scenario, you can avoid last-minute chaos and stress. It is helpful for delivering amazing live experiences to the audience.

3. It can help make your event more organized and professional-looking. Well-organized events convey a sense of professionalism and care that guests will appreciate the personalized experience they have received.

How to Develop an Event Marketing Plan That Works

An event marketing plan is the process of planning and executing a marketing strategy to promote a specific event. An event marketing plan can include anything from a product launch to a charity fundraiser.

While there are many different types of events, all of them share one common goal: to generate interest and attendance. To achieve this, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out event marketing plan in place.

A good event marketing plan should do the following:

– Identify your target audience and craft a message that resonates with them.

– Select the most effective channels for reaching your target audience and allocate the necessary resources accordingly.

– Set up a system to measure the success of your campaign.

– A good event marketing plan should be constructed around the timeline of events so that you can plan your budget and allotment of resources accordingly.

– Be sure to have a well-designed website that allows for easy access and interaction between you and your target audience.

– Perhaps most importantly, be sure to have a dedicated team of people who can execute the plan on time and with maximum efficiency.

– Create a timeline for executing your plan and make sure all key stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities.

– Monitor performance and make necessary adjustments along the way.

If you are planning an event marketing strategy, you should consider digital marketing methods along with the traditional methods such as social media marketing, creating an event website where you can add dates online and promote them, and email marketing for achieving the marketing goals.

Why does event management software make it easier for event planning?

When it comes to creating an event plan, there are a lot of things to think about. You have to make sure the date works, find a location, book a caterer, and send out invitations. If you’re doing all of this by yourself, it can be hard to keep track of it all. That’s where event management software comes in.

An event management software can help you organize your event and keep track of everything that needs to get done. It can also help you track RSVPs, manage guest lists, achieve marketing goals, and provide personalized experiences to the audience. And if you’re looking for a venue or caterer, the software can help with that too.

So why should you use event management software? Here are just a few reasons:

– An event management software can help you stay organized and keep on track of all the essential elements.

– You can manage multiple events at once.

– It allows you to search for and see past events easily.

You can also use mobile event apps, such as WebMOBI. The main benefit of using mobile event apps is that you can keep track of your event from anywhere.


In conclusion, while there are many factors to consider in the event planning process, these key elements provide a good foundation for success. By 2022, make sure to have a clear vision, well-defined goals, and an effective plan in place to ensure your event is a success.

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WebMOBI July 2019 Feature Update: Event App Experience at its Best

WebMOBI July 2019 Feature Update: Event App Experience at its Best

event app

Event App Experience

In 2012 we first launched webMOBI as a DIY Mobile App Creation tool for SME. Since then, it has grown to the world’s leading all-in-one event management platform. We have added tons of features, to give event audience the world’s best event experience and huge ROI boost to the event organizers and sponsors.

Now it is the mid of 2019, we have decided to review what all features and updates we have and document all in this piece of article.

This will be a long read as we explain all the features and new updates, so grab your coffee and strap in.

In case you are new to webMOBI, let us introduce who we are and what we do. webMOBI is the world’s leading all-in-one event management software with an attendee CRM.

We offer event apps, website, registration, live polls, survey, lead generation services & attendee engagement. Our cutting-edge software is trusted by 100 brands worldwide for corporate events, conferences, trade shows, internal/external meetings & more.

How does webMOBI work?

webMOBI is an all-in-one event management platform that allows users to create and publish web and mobile applications for events in just three steps:

  • Selecting a ready to use a template
  • Choosing relevant features
  • Adding content and publishing the app.

With the help of these simple steps, event organizers will be able to easily create an event, enterprise, venue, school applications that reflect their brands. Once they publish the mobile application, it will be available on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. The attendees can download the free event app on their mobile devices.

webMOBI enables users to build and publish enterprise apps effortlessly. These applications are used for meetings, internal, corporate communications, team onboarding, talent engagement, Q&A, and sales kickoffs.

With the WebMobi enterprise apps, people will be able to collect the feedback from their staff and employees in real time scenario and display the results on the screen. Besides that, these apps even allow them to securely access and share the documents with members of their organization. Users can also send push notifications messages and updates to their members and employees.

Another thing it offers is that it simplifies customer engagement, which is very much useful for event marketing. The software allows users to send regular alerts and flash messages to their customers, based on their location and contextual information.

Mobile Applications Features

Make your event app more creative and beautiful. The Image and logos can all be tailored to accommodate your style. Now your event theme and corporate branding can be prominently showcased. You can re-style in real-time.

webMOBI Mobile Application UI and Features

Check-in and Badge Printing


Website and Registration features

  1. Online registration and ticketing system
  2. Agenda management with Session Check-in and Capacity Management
  3. Activity Feed and Leaderboard
  4. Event Website builder
  5. Speaker information management
  6. Attendee check-in
  7. Name badge generation
  8. Event promotion
  9. CRM integration



Some of the advanced features are:

1. Maps

Google map integrated to help the attended find their way. It helps to provide multiple floor maps with details of the sessions and Live Maps.

2. Artificial Intelligent Chatbot

With the help of an AI chatbot, which is an inbuilt feature of the app, provides the answers to all your generic queries quickly.

3. Docs & Videos

With WebMobi you can share important documents, session content in Video or document format.

4. Personalized Features

You can personalize the experience of the attendee with favorite products, personal agenda, meeting, private message, etc.

5. Measure Event Performance

WebMobi provides an analytical report with critical analysis of data for measuring the performance of the event and insights to drive more about Return On Investment.

Registration and ticketing

Event Engagement Features

  1. Mobile event apps give sponsors a smarter way to promote their brand as well as increasing revenue. Each ad can link to an event or promotion within the app or an external website.
  2. Attendee engagement and networking
  3. Instant Chat enables hassle-free communication.
  4. Business Card Scanning & Exchanging creates more business opportunities
  5. Meeting Scheduler avoids back-and-forth messaging or emailing
  6. Chatbots

Analytics Features

  1. Cross event report – Manage multiple events on a single platform and track results seamlessly.
  2. Individual analytics – Track attendee status and create customized enterprise reports. Integrate with enterprise backends including Salesforce
  3. Member management – Collect & merge all members across multiple events effortlessly.
  4. Re-marketing {continuous marketing}
  5. Send invites to targeted members for relevant events based on their previous event activity.

Beacons and Contact Management

  • With Beacon technology & mobile apps, the onsite registration can go from long lines and waiting periods to secure in-and-out experiences.
  • Scan business card for onsite registration and capture attendee information effortlessly.
  • Easily exchange contact information with other attendees during the event via the mobile app. Keep track of the event meetings.

Beacon Manager

Lead Engagement

  1. Real-Time Lead Capture & Event follow-up
  2. Exhibitors Lead Capture – Generate revenues by helping exhibitors capture leads and automate lead-generation at your event.
    Take notes and sync with the CRM, including Salesforce.
  3. Digital Signage – Captivate crowds with a fully serviced and custom branded social media wall.
  4. Convert attendee data via registration kiosk at the venue
  5. Event staff can engage guests and fans by taking branded snaps, which are delivered instantly by text and email.
    Amplify brand messages and collect customer data


Easy and Intuitive Dashboard

With WebMobi’s powerful dashboard, you can manage the event smoothly. It even allows you to add or remove the attendees, send push, and much more.

Contacts Manager (CRM)

Wearable devices.

The use of Bluetooth based wearables devices in the events is gaining traction. With WebMobi beacon integration event organizers can enable check-in and event analytics. They use wireless communication technology to streamline onsite processes by only showing for scanning.

That’s a ton of features we developed over years of hard work, more than just capable of creating the best event experience overall. What can be a better way to experience it than a free trial? Or, check a Demo App.

Request a free trial, to build an event app and see it yourself.

In case, you need any support, feel free to Contact Us

Start building your event app today!

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Case Study: Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (Community Centers App)

Case Study: Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (Community Centers App)

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition chose webMOBI mobile app builder for Colorado Statewide DREAMer Movement Building Training, which took place on 11th and 12th of November, 2017 in Alameda, Denver, CO. This is an excellent example of a mobile app guide for community centers.

About CIRC

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) is a membership-based coalition of immigrant, labor, community, business and ally organizations in the state of Colorado, which is founded in 2002 to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees, making Colorado a more welcoming, immigrant-friendly state.


The Goal

CIRC wanted to try an event for Colorado Statewide DREAMer Movement Building Training. The goal was to help their members with details information about the event and guide them about the venue and logistics.

CIRC chose the webMOBI platform (mobile app builder) to create an app with all the information their members might need and publish it within webMOBI App. All it took them is one day to create a beautiful app with all the necessary features and publish it.


Features of CIRC’s Community Centers Guide App

CIRC chose to publish their event in webMOBI App [iOS | Android] instead of having a standalone app for their event. It is an inexpensive way of creating an app for your event, very easy to build and your event goes live in a snap. It offers all the features that you expect from a standalone app. The main features are listed below –

Home Screen

In the home screen, you can have all the most used features. In CIRC’s app, they had Map for first-day venue of the event and parking, Attendee List, Agenda, Contact Us, About Us features.


Left Menu

The left menu contains feature modules containing all the event information.

The Feature Modules in CIRC’s app are


Navigation: They have used to Map to provides navigation and venue details of each day of the event.

About Us: Little information about the community.

Contact Us: A contact form.

Agenda: This module provides members with key details like schedule, the list of events and speakers, keynotes, venue and more information about each event. Attendees can add an event to their Personalized Schedule.


Speakers: List of speakers, speakers profiles with some more information about each speaker.

Social Media: List of Social media handles to encourage the attendees to increase social media activity.

Attendees: Member can find all other members and can chat with them.

Right Menu:

The right menu contains all personalized features like Notes taken during the event, Favourites, Chats, Push notifications sent by organizers.



General Features:

  • Organizers can send push notifications to help the attendees to get all the needed information.
  • Once the event is downloaded, members can use the app offline.
  • Seamless workflow and pure User experience.
  • Real-time updates for the app content.
  • Analytics data about the event engagement to help organizers measure the ROI.


We have also developed many enterprise apps for, with some advanced features like live polling, gamification, activity feed and so on. Please have a look at other app developed with webMOBI.

Feel free contact us for more information about building an event app and enhance attendee engagement.

EUSC 2017 – Association Conference App developed by webMOBI [Case Study]

EUSC 2017 – Association Conference App developed by webMOBI [Case Study]

WebMOBI has recently developed the mobile app for 6th Emirates International Urological Conference (EUSC 2017) organized by Emirates Urological Society in association with the 28th World Congress on Video-urology & Advances in Clinical Urology. The Annual Association Conference is taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Nov 9-11, 2017.

EUSC-2017-Association Conference App


6th Emirates International Urological Conference (EUSC 2017):

Emirates International Urological Conference (EUSC) is the annual meeting of Emirates Urological Society, which has grown to be one of the most important urology conferences in UAE. The EUSC 2017 scientific committee is developing a vibrant educational program, featuring a highly reputed faculty of international and local speakers over the three days of scientific and networking events, forums, debates, and various workshops from leading experts in the field.



28th World Congress of Videourology and Advances in Clinical Urology:

The 28th World Congress on Video-urology & Advances in Clinical Urology is the annual meeting of The Endourological Society, taking place in Abu Dhabi, Nov 9-11 with EUSC 2017. The program includes respected international and local faculty with practical information to significantly enhance the practice of most common urologic conditions. High-quality videos and panel discussions will be interactive with audience participation.


The Challenge:

The societies wanted intuitive and straightforward mobile applications for their association meeting, to guide their attendees about the venue and provide them enough information about the event, agenda, venue, delegates, speakers, and sponsors, along with an ability for attendees to be able to interact with the organizers and other attendees.


Features of the App for EUSC 2017:

We have created a white label event app, which provides rock-solid features and very intuitive user interface.

Here is the download link to EUSC 2017 App – iOS | Android.

It has the following features ~

Home Screen:

In the home screen, modules can be found, which provide quick access to the most important information like Agenda, Venue, Speakers List and About as well as countdown timer reminding users about the date.


Left Menu:

All the information about the event can be found on the left menu. The features are as below

  • Agenda: It provides details about each event, especially the time an event is taking place.
  • About Us: Information about the societies and the conference.
  • Speakers: List of speakers with little information about them.
  • Venue: Location the conference (which is Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel, Abu Dhabi) with a map to help attendees find the way to get there.
  • Sponsors: Lists of sponsors are displayed here.
  • Attendees: This feature allows users find all other attendees and chat with them and invite for meetings.
  • Social Media: Provides social media handles and networks of the societies to follow any updated.
  • Contact Us: This feature allows attendees to send messages to the organizers.

EUSC 2017-Association Conference App Features


Right Menu:EUSC 2017-Association Conference App Personalized Features

The right menu contains all personalized information and more interactive features. It includes

  • My Schedule: Users can choose any event to attend from the agenda of the conference, those will be available here.
  • My Products: Same users can fav any product or exhibitors, and that will be shown here.
  • My Notes: User can take note about any event, in this feature those notes will be available.
  • My Chats: Persona chats between attendees.
  • Notifications: Organisers can send push notifications to anyone and everyone. Those notifications will be available here.


We provide mobile app and website solution for events and exhibitions, if you need to make your event an amazing experience for your attendees, we will help you do that.

Contact us or try a demo app!


Check out some other event apps that we are proud of

B2B Lead Generation – How to Generate B2B Leads from Events

B2B Lead Generation – How to Generate B2B Leads from Events

B2B Lead Generation from Events


B2b lead generation is considered one of the toughest job; there is really no particular formulae or ways to follow that makes the job easy and efficient. It is a huge topic, and everyone has a favorite strategy, that works best for one. Events are a great source of generating b2b leads and a way of promoting and selling your product to interested people and make revenue. Nevertheless, events are widely used for generating b2b leads by organizations for centuries.


B2B Lead Generation Process:

1. Plan Ahead and Manage Your Time:

Events bring opportunity to meet lots of potential customers and build a relationship with. But it is very challenging to have a conversion with every one of them, especially if you do not have a plan. Know about your prospects, Set a goal of the number of people you want to talk to, decide when to talk to whom, and keep yourself in check. If you have a team for that, divide the responsibilities properly keep track of the person you have met and their responses, that will help plan further for efficient follow-ups.

Understand how long your each pitch should take. How long should you have the conversation with a customer to provide them enough information before she/he gets bored; and you also have the left for almost all of the potential clients.

It is important to be prepared with all the information, collect all the relevant material to the product you are trying to sell.


2. Connect to People:

Well, planing will do nothing if you don’t connect with people. Make sure to talk to the people at your event and establish a relationship with as many of potential customers as possible. Introduce your business to them, tell them how your company can help theirs, and in know them, know why they are there? what are they looking for?

Have a great conversation, give away prizes or offers, or offer to email a valuable ebook post-event, in turn, collect relevant information about them as much as possible.


3. Build Your Online Assets:

Utilizing the power of the Internet is a certain thing nowadays, it provides a vast network for generating b2b leads. So, have an attractive website, keep all information you want to provide available there and create profiles for your business on social media, at least on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to keep them active – share your stuff, actively participate in discussions, answer people’s question to keep them engaged.


4. Set up a Wise Registration Form:

If the primary intention of the event is to generate leads, such event must have a registration form asking for some relevant information about the attendees.

Be specific in the form. Ask only details that you need to know, people tend to avoid filling large forms.


5. Harnessing Social Media:

In addition to your registration form, try harnessing the data regarding social media reach of the event. Have a strong presence in social media network suitable for your business. Make sure to have someone to monitor all social media activity and carry on the conversation and track event hashtags. Connect with event attendees, speakers, sponsors, influencers. Share photo and video content, give away resources and stuff for free if possible to increase engagement on social media, encourage participants to share your photos or videos to amplify your brand in networks. Offer a lead magnet on social media to cast a wider lead capture net.


Follow up on Your Leads:

Well, an event will only fetch you quality leads. After taking the time and effort to make new connections, you want to make sure that your efforts were not in vain. For B2B companies it needs a bit more effort to build trust and relationship to get the leads converted. You need to create an email campaign, educate the leads about the value you can provide, keep up the communication wisely for some time.

Well, these are steps that you must do for any event, whether you want to plan your event in an old-fashioned way or use some modern techniques and trends. Using a mobile app is now the thing every event organizers are going for as it helps manage and track almost everything you might expect for an event and provide insightful analytics. It again helps to increase attendee engagement by providing an amazing experience for accessing the event information and in many other aspects like speeding registration, connect to other participants and much more. Indeed, this will reduce your effort for, while generating more potential B2b leads.

webMOBI creates apps that make managing event easy and fetch valuable data-driven insights from an event. You can publish your event in webMOBI – Event Networking app for Free. It covers all primary needs. By spending little money, you get many premium features.

Contact us to know more!