WebMOBI builds the Official app for Lone Star Film Festival 2017 [Case Study]

WebMOBI builds the Official app for Lone Star Film Festival 2017 [Case Study]

After working on Tribeca Film Festival, webMOBI created another white label film festival app for Lone Star Film Festival 2017 with multitude features, made accessible through cross platforms, and a web portal.

Lone Star Film Festival 2017

The movie buffs are aware of the signature event of the Lone Star Film Society. The five-day extravaganza is scheduled from 8th November 2017 to 12th November 2017 in Sundance Square, Fort Worth, Texas. The Lone Star Film Festival is known for presenting the most anticipated cinemas of the year, and also provides opportunities to meet and interact with the popular faces behind the famous movies.

The Challenge for webMOBI to build the film festival app:

Lone Star Film Society wanted to have a white-label app for their event 2017 Lone Star Film Festival with native Android and iOS apps. The main purpose of this film festival app is to provide information about the movies and help attendees find the locations of the different events at the venue.


Creating a Film Festival App for Lone Star Film Society, after Tribeca Film festival was relatively easier and has the ability to reach and impress the users and organizers of LSFF collectively.


Here are the links – App Store | Google Play.



Lone Star Film Festival App – Features and Tools

Film Guide:

This feature contains the list of movies that will be screened at Lone Star Film Festival 2017. It contains all the details about the film – Director, actors, duration, language, and more. This lets the attendees bookmark their favorite movie, and rate the movies based on different filters.


Maps and Navigation:

This essential feature contains the map of the venue and the complete floor plan. This helps the attendees to stroll to and through the venue easily.

Lone Star Film Festival app



The LSFF 2017 app is integrated with social media handles and networks. This feature will help the attendees to follow the updates of the film festival through social media channels.

This feature helps both the organizers and attendees to reach movie buffs and create a broader audience base. This also helps to build a network and connect with like-minded people.



The help desk feature enables the attendees to touch base with members of the conference staff. The attendees can clear their queries and get information regarding the LSSF 2017 through this feature.



The surveys help the organizers to get a better perspective on the event. This interaction with the audience helps the organizer know whether the event is a success.


Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Attendees:

These feature modules contain lists of all the people who are involved with LSFF 2017. The users can browse through the list of speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and fellow attendees. This will help to build a network and follow the schedule of speakers and exhibitors.


This feature helps the user of the LSFF app to watch the videos on YouTube, Vimeo or any video sharing site through the app. The attendees can catch a glimpse of trailers and scenes from the movies and know more about the Lone Star Film Festival without leaving the app.

My Schedule:

This feature will enable the attendees to create a personal feed for themselves. The attendee can bookmark and add their favorite movie to the “Wishlist” and can make a note of the sessions that they are interested to attend.

Furthermore, the attendees can add notes, fav events, speakers, and exhibitors; chat with the other attendees. These all features are available in the right menu.


General Features:

Apart from the features mentioned above, webMOBI has integrated a lot of other features for the LSFF 2017 app.

  • Instant push notifications to help the attendees to get all the needed information.
  • Availability of the app on all the platforms – iOS and Android
  • Offline connectivity to stay updated.
  • Seamless and simple User experience.
  • Content Management System (CMS) for the organizers for instant uploads on excel spreadsheet.
  • Real-time updates for the app content.
  • These interactive features will help to increase the attendee engagement by making the film watching experience memorable.


At webMOBI, we create apps that are tailor-made to suit the clients’ needs. By using the latest trends and integrating more engaging features like live polling, gamification, activity feed we are certain to stay in the fad and provide end-to-end services. We have also developed many enterprise apps for,

Keep visiting our blog for event management guides, contact us for more information about building an event app, meanwhile, and check out our free app builder.

The official app of CAB 2017 by Fractal Analytics [Case Study]

The official app of CAB 2017 by Fractal Analytics [Case Study]


WebMOBI is proud to build the official app of CAB 2017 hosted by Fractal Analytics. This app helped Fractal Analytics to communicate with their customers attending the event in a better way and improved attendee engagement.


About Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is an analytics service provider based in the United States and India. Fractal Analytics has been recognized as one of the best companies to work in the professional services industry in a study conducted by The Economic Times.


CAB by Fractal Analytics

Client Advisory Board is an executive level analytics leaders meeting that is exclusive for Fractal strategic clients. Leveraging data, analytics, and technology for a stronger business performance is the agenda of the CAB.


The Challenge for webMobi to build an enterprise app for CAB 2017

CAB 2017 was hosted by Fractal Analytics on September 27-28, and the team wanted a cross-platform white label app with an integration of multiple features like feedback, CAB portal with information on attendees and guests (current and past), event registration, communication between attendees, email integration, and more.

webMOBI team created an enterprise app for “CAB 2017” by integrating features which were active on cross-platform with seamless self-service setup and a delightful user interface.

To download the official app for CAB 2017, click the links – App Store | Play Store and the Registration website.



The Features of the Official App of CAB 2017

The official app of CAB 2017 is loaded with features and tools that simplifies and enhances the experience for both the attendees and event organizers

Registration & Check-In:

CAB 2017 is a company meeting with their client an exclusive, private- invite-only event. Either admin adds the list of attendees through the dashboard or attendees register themselves on the registration website first. The registration website:



Once the user registers in the website the admin will receive a message and has the propriety to approve, decline or hold. Only after the approval the attendee can log in and gets access to the event information. https://remotepilot101.com

The Home page consists of all the important details regarding the event that admin wants to highlight and make it easy to access for the attendees.





The left menu provides complete information about Client Advisory Board 2017 and some interactive features to engage attendees. It has all the options involved in the CAB 2017 like agenda, navigation, list of speakers, attendees list, Fractal products, surveys, feedback, social media integration so on.

The right menu contains a personal user option; details like personal schedule, notifications, and settings. This also has a bookmarked option of Fractal products, notes, messenger/chat and personal settings to filter out the required details.



This option shows the end-to-end itinerary of CAB 2017 which includes the key details like schedule, the list of events, speakers, keynotes, and more. Attendees can add an event to their Personalized Schedule.


The inbuilt map of the venue will help the attendees to stride through the venue without any hassle. Multiple floor maps were added that shows the location with minute details about refreshments booths, washrooms, etc.




Fractal-CAB2017-Official-App-SpeakersSpeakers’ list:

This feature contains the list of speakers for the event. The attendees can click on the speaker to know the schedule. This can be bookmarked and the attendee has the option to attend a particular speaker’s session.







Fractal Products:

This feature enables the showcasing of the Fractal products which shall help the attendees to get a clearer picture about Fractal Analytics and understand their company better. The list of Fractal products helps to bridge the gap between the company and consumers.


The documents will help the attendees to get a run through the past projects and other pivotal details about the company.

Videos from Fractal Analytics:

This feature is an extended version of the documents by CAB which contains clips of the previous CAB events. This will help the attendee to view the past events by CAB and understand the event better.

Previous Years Event:

Fractal analytics wanted their customers to get a glimpse of previous CAB event information to their customers. The feature modules for these were added in the menu.




Fractal-CAB2017-Official-App-Attendees-SurveyAttendees list:

This feature enables the user to know the list of people who are a part of CAB 2017. The list is an amalgamation of exclusive guests and the attendees. This will help the users of the CAB 2017 app to know the keynote guests are ensuring an easy connect.


This feature helps the company to get a better picture of the event. The success of an event is measured by the positive audience response and this survey will help in the betterment of the event.



Social Media Integration:

Social media plays a pivotal role in our lives and integration with social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest will help to reach more people. This is an outlet for both the event organizer and the attendees to share and collect more information about the event.


Personalized feature for the attendees:

This exclusive feature for the attendee will help to bookmark and list all the needed and interesting information from the event list. This is will the attendee to maintain their schedule. The inbuilt messenger/chat will the attendees to strike a conversation and to build a network.

The personalized feature is available on the right side menu.



webMOBI has built many white label applications for enterprises and has been instrumental in building customized apps based on the clients’ needs. Building an app for CAB 2017 had been challenging and we have emerged successful in building an app that is engaging, informative, with a seamless user interface.

Here are some other successful enterprise apps that we are proud of

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Boston Marathon: Marathon App

Tribeca: Film Festival App


We also provide a freemium option for creating apps yourself for small events. These apps will be published within a container app, which is webMOBI App. This is a great way of publishing even large events, especially after the announcement of New App Store guidelines.

Feel free to Contact Us for more details.

How to get Attendees Download Your Event App

How to get Attendees Download Your Event App

Get attendees download event app


An event app plays a pivotal role. It is a one-stop solution, containing all the details about an event. Be it a conference, or a sales meeting, corporate meeting or a trade show; having an app is tech savvy, and it helps in audience engagement. An event app has a lot of benefits, as it contains all the required information like – schedule, sessions, speaker bios, location and more. But the challenge is to convince the attendees to download the event app, as many still believe in the conventional way of working it on the paper!

With the boom in technology, it is essential to for the event industry in stay abreast with the latest technologies and the event app will help to optimize and simplify the process. With multiple features and various aspects, an event app adds and highlights a different dimension to a business meeting. The event app may be loaded with exciting features, but the true success is met only when more and more attendees download the event app as it helps in tracking the ROI.

1. Up to date

The primary factor of an event app is that the information is easily updated. Having an app will help the users with each and every detail regarding the event, latest information, last minute changes, updates and more. This will ensure that the users are notified with all the information through the option of push notification, and other interesting features on the app will help the attendees to be glued to the event app.


2. All roads lead to Rome!

Branding and marketing the event app is an essential. Letting the attendees know about the event app is necessary. Just by prompting the users to download the app, may not make the needed impression as the importance of the app is not thoroughly explained; it is pivotal to let the attendees know about the app through all the virtual channels – SMS, Email, and on Social media handles highlighting the benefits of the app. This will create an interest amongst the attendees and will convince them to download the app.


3. Promote the app during Promotions

Another tactic which will help in getting more traction from attendees is by promoting the app. This at times, can get confusing, almost like an oxymoron because promotion about the app has to be done through posters and banners which is effective to grab audience attention. Apart from using the social media tools like newsletters, emails, and SMS; the app can be promoted in the conventional ways.


4. The Barter System

Give something to get back something! Though this may sound a little cliché, getting the attendees to download the app is through contests and giveaways. This will play the dual role of audience engagement and will ensure that the attendees download the app. These contests and giveaways may vary from,

  • Quiz
  • Lucky draw
  • Registration fee-free entry for the event
  • Gift voucher/card for everyone who registers
  • Gift voucher/card for everyone who registers
  • A one-on-one session with the speaker

The options are numerable, and the more enticing the offer, higher are the app downloads.


5. Cross-platform Availability and Offline Functioning

It is essential to make sure that the app is available on all the platforms like – Android, iOS, and Windows. This will ensure that more people will download the app. Another bumper, which usually stops people from downloading the app is internet connectivity. Without an active internet connection, most apps are not functional. Thus, making the app functional on offline mode will also help to get more app downloads.

Apart from these, the other basic features can be included like,

  • Integration with social media
  • Interface like social media
  • Instant Messenger on the app
  • Suggestions and feedbacks
  • Gamification


At webMOBI, the apps are tailor-made to suit the clients’ needs. By using the latest trends and integrating more engaging features like live polling, gamification, activity feed we are certain to stay in the fad and provide end-to-end services.

A Guide to Use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Events

A Guide to Use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Events

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has been creating the buzz ever since the launch of Oculus Rift. It was further followed by HTC vive and Google Glass which brought in a remarkable technological wave to excite the people. VR and AR are making a phenomenal impact in the event planning industry.

using virtual reality at events


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality– What is it?

VR or Virtual Reality is a simulation generated by computer technology to create realistic, 3D (3-Dimensional) images, accompanied by sounds, and other sensations. Augmented Reality or AR is a physical view of real world environment wherein the elements are augmented by a computer generated technology. The main difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual reality is, the latter is simulated, and the former is real time.
Virtual Reality and Augmented reality has numerous applications in the fields like,

  • Events – To provide the attendees an exquisite experience
  • Gaming – A vertical that enhances the gaming experience
  • Entertainment – Cinema enthusiasts are in for a treat!
  • Research – A cost effective tool to replicate and study various interactions
  • Psychology – To study human perception, psychological, and emotional quotient
  • Education – A virtual environment to develop skills and understand concepts
  • Medicine & Health – A new way to test the drugs and understand diseases


Using Virtual Reality at Events – How and Why?

Events, tradeshows, conferences, and meeting benefit a lot with VR as it will play a pivotal role in the event tech space, and will allow the users and attendees to stash a realistic experience; well, a virtually realistic experience! Companies and event planners always strive, and try to incorporate newer technologies which will enhance the overall user experience in the event industry.
There are various ways to incorporate the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in various events like meeting, conferences, tradeshows, and more. This will benefit both the attendees and the event organizers.


Meetings are now virtual reality meetings!

For an event to be successful, an amalgamation of various factors is involved. VR and AR plays a major role in the events as it will help in cost reduction. A lot of money has to be spent on deciding and booking the venue, catering, other essentials like logistics, and lodging. Whereas a virtual meeting in a virtual venue will be a cost effective; with the advent, and integration of new technology, the meetings will be more fun and would save the attendees the travel and commuting time.


Present(ations) in Style

At conferences or meetings, a lot of presentations are involved, which at times get boring. Whereas the use of VR and AR will enhance the live event experience, this will help the attendees to get a spectacular visual of VR and AR at a conference which is interactive which will help the event organizers and the attendees to interact on a different level, altogether.


Cruise through Social media

Snapchat is the best example for providing a distinctive view of the Golden Globes through their spectacle. Social media is an important tool to keep the people glued to the on goings and happenings of the event; and integration with AR or VR with social media will facilitate control to the user which will further help in experiencing the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at a notch higher.


A mobile event

With VR headsets available at throw-away prices (like VR Google Cardboard), a user or an attendee can get experience VR through their mobile device. The organizers can integrate VR and AR on their event app as a unique feature to showcase a product, service, a presentation or anything that can be deemed useful for the attendees. With the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality taking up a huge space in “latest trend” department, it will inevitably create more waves.


Showcase Products and services

A successful trade show is always incomplete without showcasing the products and services. The display of the products can be done virtually! Usually, trade shows require a lot of space to accommodate all the products that have to be advertised. The cost of gigantic venues can be cut by implementation Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. AR and VR will allow the attendees to engage with the products, and the companies will get a better chance to impress and bond, with the attendees.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the trends that would stay forever. It enhances the visual experience of the attendees, giving them a taste of technology in vogue. Likewise, it also helps the event organizers and companies to entertain and strike a bond with the attendees.

webMOBI has been in the event industry steadily by creating customized apps for events, meetings, conferences, trade shows, expo, film festivals, and marathons. With the advent of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the event industry space, it has become mandatory to integrate these features in the apps to create a great user experience, and webMOBI has been successful in implementing VR and AR.


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Business Meeting Apps & Their Uses

Business Meeting Apps & Their Uses

reasons using business meeting appsMobile apps or mobile applications have become a quintessential part of our daily lives, and many companies promote event marketing as their pivotal means of communication. A successful conference or a meeting is always a perfect blend of networking, developing new business opportunities, learning something new, and all this must be hassle-free. The only way of achieving this is through a business meeting app. It is important for a company to have a conference meeting app, as it minimizes a lot of work and will help in business building.

1. Being in vogue

It is essential to outdo the outdated printing of information sheets. Printing the information on a sheet is redundant and can be an annoyance as new information cannot be updated. But in an app, new updates can be made, and it instantly reaches all the attendees. This will enable quick and easy conversation; any last minute changes or additions are notified to the attendees.

2. Information at the fingertip

A good meeting app must have a few basic features like,

  • Event schedule
  • Event registration/ RSVP
  • Venue of the event
  • Direction and Navigation
  • Floor plan
  • Event agenda
  • Guests or Speakers
  • Feedback
  • Forum for the users of app to collaborate
  • Social media integration
  • Live polls and updates
  • Must be compatible with platforms like Android and iOS

A meeting app will also double as an app for scheduling meeting as an attendee can get all the information related to the event and schedule which can be filtered based on interest, and in affiliated fields

3. Networking

The main advantage of having a conference meeting app or a business meeting app is networking. The attendees/ users can connect with people with common interests that shall resonate. The online communication helps people to schedule a meeting, understand the event, and amplify business opportunities. Business meeting apps, in addition, help the speakers or guests to connect with attendees, and vice versa.

4. Facebook me, Insta me, Tweet me!

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Meeting apps integrate with social media channels, or a few have their own interface that is similar to other social media apps. This helps people to connect, as social media is an excellent medium for powerful engagement, which helps people to express their ideas, get suggestions and opinions, connect with people with similar interest, and be a part of the virtual community.

5. Upgrade and Update

The user or the attendee is instantly notified with the latest information regarding the event or conference. It is a clever way to keep the users hooked to the business app as it is the main source of user engagement. Plus, the integration with the social media platform is also a great way to get more people onto the app and keep your attendees at the edge of their seat with inside news and tidbits.

Features like maps and floor plan will help the attendees to drift through the venue quickly.

6. Live Polling

Audience love to be heard and through live polling and best meeting apps, by default has this feature which will help to strike the bond with attendees, and the poll results are displayed instantly, and this will help both the audience and the event organizer to analyze. There are multiple formats of live poll like,

  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down
  • Text polls
  • Ranking polls
  • Multiple choice
  • Star ratings

Live poll is also a source of breaking the ice with the audience, and capture everyone’s attention with controversial or a fun question!

7. Environmental-friendly

Imagine this scenario – What if there is a change in event schedule or an update after all the flyers or documents are printed, and what happens to all those printed material after the end of an event or the conference? Printed material leads to a lot of waste, and it is definitely not environment-friendly! Whereas apps do not require all the hotchpotch, and also any update or last minute information reaches the attendees.

8. After all, Opinions matter!

Most people are either scared to say what they feel, due to the fear of being judged or simply being uncomfortable to speak their minds! Whereas the option of giving feedbacks and suggestions discreetly helps the attendees to voice their opinion, and also indirectly gives a chance to the companies or the event organizers to make their conference or event better at different verticals, and know what they are doing right.

9. Compatible with different platforms

These apps can be used on different platforms. Sometimes it is tough to segregate and find the ideal meeting apps for android or meeting apps for iPhone. But event apps are configured to be compatible with both the platforms and the icing on the cake is, and it is also available in offline. These event apps are functional even in offline as an active internet connectivity can be an issue, at times and these apps with offline access is a sure shot success.

10. Finally, all in one

The best meeting app is a conglomeration of all the above features. The app serves as a tool that will benefit the attendees and the event organizers. The user can set the meetings, get reminders, and has a chance to network with other attendees and the guests.


The event organizer or the company will grab a hassle free experience as everything is available in the app. It is easy to maintain,

  • Attendees/users database
  • Update information
  • Provide a platform to the users, for networking
  • Get feedback and live poll results
  • A single dashboard setting to maintain the entire app
  • Least technical knowledge required
  • Integration with other software – like Eventbrite

webMOBI provides customized solutions to event organizers or companies by designing the app to suit the requirements. The premium features offered by webMOBI will enhance the user experience, ensuring attendees satisfaction, and offers a hassle free operation for the organizer.