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10 Best Marathons in the World and 5 Adventure Marathons

10 Best Marathons in the World - webMOBI

Looking for participating in Marathon? Why not explore some of the Best Marathons in the World and experience the glory, stunning scenery and adventurous landscapes?

Here are our pick for top 10 Marathons in the world and top 5 most adventurous ones. To pick our best, we took elite fields, fame, enthusiastic crowd, scenic beauty, and speed into consideration.

Best Marathons in the World:

Best Marathons in the World by webMOBI

1. Athens Authentic Marathon, Greece:

Run the Marathon where it all started. Over 2500 years ago Greek messenger Pheidippides ran from ancient battlefield Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of their victory. Follow the same path as the legend through the challenging hills and finish the race at the Panathenaic Stadium, where the modern Olympics was held for the first time.
Month: November

2. London Marathon, England:

If are after history we again have London Marathon there. Enthusiastic spectators, friendly and efficient race organization makes it favorite of many veteran runners. With over 40,000 Marathon runners participating each year, making it one of the marathon Marathons in the world and it is considered among the World Marathon Majors. The 26.2 miles race route starts from Greenwich Park, crosses the Thames river, passes by iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower of London and finishes at the Buckingham Palace.
Month: April

3. New York City Marathon, USA:

No other Marathon in the attracts such high proportion of international runners as New York City Marathon, making it one of the six World Marathon Majors. With 50,000 runners and over 2M spectators, it is the largest marathon in the United States. The race route starts off on Staten Island, and it takes runners through Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, along with London it is the most iconic marathon route in the world.
Month: November

4. Boston Marathon, USA:

Started in 1897 Boston Marathon is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious Marathon in the United States. To participate in this Marathon one needs to qualify from previous Marathon Race’s record, so even to be able to just participate in Boston Marathon is a thing to brag about. Boston Marathon offers a downhills course through 8 cities and town; and many famous landmarks.
Month: April

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5. Marathon De Medoc, France:

Marathon De Medoc of Paris is one of the top European marathons, mostly due to its incredible sights. Perfect for the people who are out to enjoy their course, the aid stations presents runners water, sports drinks and when runners cross through Chateaux where local produce (wine, oysters, cheese, escargot and the likes) is laid out for them. Along the way, runners can take in the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, and Notre Dame Cathedral.
Month: September

6. Berlin Marathon, Germany:

Berlin Marathon is one of the fastest marathons in the world because of its flat course and smooth turns and efficient race organizers Berlin is a great place for anyone to try their personal best. Berlin is also considered among one of World Marathon Majors.
Month: September

7. Chicago Marathon, USA:

Started in 1977 Chicago marathon is one of the Largest Marathons in the USA. Also, it is considered among World Marathon Majors. According to many runners Chicago is has a supremely fast course, excellent race management, which attracts the pursuit of personal and world records.
Month: October

8. Tokyo Marathon, Japan:

Despite being newbie relative to all other famous marathons Tokyo marathon is one of the world’s largest marathon and favorite marathon. It is well organized and enthusiast crowd cheers athletes all the way 26.2 miles long.
Month: February

9. Paris International Marathon, France:

This marathon is one of the most famous races in Europe. It is best known for offering unique food and drink stations where runners are served beer, wine, cider, oysters, and many such things. Paris Marathon is limited to 37,000 runners and requires a doctor’s note to compete. The race gives runners the opportunity to run through the best landmarks of the beautiful city of Paris; famous landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Bastille, and the Arc de Triomphe.
Month: April

10. Honolulu Marathon, Hawaii:

It’s a nice race with a beautiful atmosphere, much of which is created by Japanese people and even the majority of the 30,000 runners, most of the supporters and the event’s sponsors, are people from Japan. The course route starts at Ala Moana Beach Park and finishes at Kapiolani Park, along with the way it takes in Honolulu’s notable sights, such as Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Koko Head Crater. There are two moderate climbs at seven and 23 miles, but most of the course is flat.
Month: December

Adventure Marathons:

1. The Great Wall Marathon, China:

Since its Inauguration in 1999, The Great Wall Marathon, China made a name as one of the most challenging courses in the world. But that makes it one of the most adventurous races in the world. Runners have to climb more than 5,000 steps and finish it by running through small Chinese villages in the lower valley.
Month: May

2. Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway:

Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway is by far one of the most surreal marathon experiences on the planet. 4,000 runners from 56 countries come here each year to take part in the wild Scandinavian caper. The sun doesn’t set there – as light as a day at the midnight. The race starts at 8.30 pm, and runners have to run there by night.
Month: June

3. Big Five Marathon, South Africa:

The entire course of Big Five Marathon is through the hills and valleys of the African savannah. If it is the adventure what you are up to the Big Five Marathon is worth traveling for, you’ll be sharing your route with the ‘Big Five’ most dangerous mammal species of Africa, which are Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos, Lions, and Leopards. No fences, no separation from the wildlings, which make Big Five Marathon so special.
Month: June

4. Safaricom Marathon, Kenya:

Yes, again another African safari with the rigorous joys of long distance running. Mind the zebras, rhino, giraffe, buffalo, and elephant herds on this one. The marathon attracts more than 1200 runners around the globe. You also get to raise fund for charity, to support many conservation and education projects in Africa.
Month: June

5. Petra Desert Marathon, Jordan:

Starting at the Street of Facades, the Petra Desert Marathon route leads the runners through the ancient city of Petra and it incredible tombs, caves, and monasteries carved in the mountainsides, making it one of the most adventurous marathon routes every runner must experience in his/her lifetime.
Month: August


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    Marathon de Medoc in Paris????? Fare info. It is 60 km north of Bordeaux and about 500 km south of Paris. Runners will have to carry photos of the Eiffel Tower and the NotreDame to see them while running. They are in Paris. Not in Medoc.

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