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Event App Engagement – Tips on how to keep your attendees hooked

As an event planner/organiser, you have done everything to make your event a success. Building everything from scratch, planning, organising, and deciding on the inclusions and more. But, it is equally important to keep your attendees hooked about the ongoing of the event. Through the event app, you can keep your attendees hooked and give out the necessary details.


  • Compelling Content

It is the most important factor to kick off user engagement. When an attendee downloads the event app, make sure there is engaging content with constant updates. Let out interesting details about the event like interesting things about the speaker, or a sneak peek of goodies. This gives a positive impression to the attendees and drives them to contribute their insights.


  • Event App Ninjas

The primary purpose for an attendee to download the app is to register and check-in. There are chances that a few attendees may have a problem with the signing-in process. Assign a few people from the team to help the attendees through the entire process of app download to registration and uses of event app, post the event. These designated app ninjas can be present at the registration desk and can give a demo of the app and its uses.


  • Speakers are Seraphic

With the event around the corner, encourage and persuade the speakers to use the app. This helps to create a bond between the speakers and the attendees before the event. The familiarity with the speaker will give the attendees a sense of familiarity and the interaction between the two parties, before, during and after the event will be smooth. This does also help to garner positive response during the live polling.


  • Say Cheese

Pictures are worth a thousand words. The event app is usually incorporated into social media website like interface, to upload photos and tag. Have a professional photographer at your event to click candid pictures of the attendees and post it on your event app. Entice the attendees to share their clicks on your event app and on other social media platforms. This will help you to keep your attendees glued to the event and can also amplify your reach to more people.


  • Take a chill-pill

At the event venue, create a few “spots” for the attendees to relax. After attending the conference, there seems to be a need for the attendees to lay a bit low. Make sure these relaxing corners promote your event app. Also, roll out a few attractive offers through the event app.


There are many interesting ways of keeping your attendees engaged through the event apps. Keeping the attendees involved is the crucial factor to make your event a success. With the event app, the attendees need not worry about missing out anything important.

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