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Handy Guide To The Do’s Don’ts Of Mobile Event Apps

webMOBI's handy guide for do's and don'ts in mobile event app
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Mobile Event AppsMobile Event Apps – Do’s & Don’ts

Mobile event apps have time and again offered a wide range of sophisticated features for both event attendees and planners to improve engagement rates and save majorly on costs. But before any event, it’s crucial for every event organizer to strategize and formulate the right and do’s and dont’s of mobile event apps. This is to ensure that the services offered by event app should easily settle in with any potential attendee and effortlessly accelerate interaction between various audience members. And to help you avoid any possible faux pas and provide the best possible app and event experience, we at webMOBI have curated a comprehensive list of do’s and dont’s for your mobile event app.

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1. DO plan ahead:

          Whether it’s a day-to-day strategy or your overall social media model, designate your operations and functions before the event begins. This not only helps your workflow process smoothly, but it helps to face any pressing challenges during the event to easier. Strategize your work at least a month prior to the event to ensure wider audiences reaches and high engagement rates. This would include defining success parameters and metric, aligning your event framework with the content, tailoring your mobile app with the event’s content, etc.

2. DO customize and promote your app:

          The best apps are often customized to your brand, your audience’s demographics, your staff, exhibitors, sponsors and media outreaches. In addition to tailoring your app, it’s simultaneously critical to promoting your mobile event app on your native website and social media outlets. You can even find platforms of event promotion through the event registration processes and by informing your attendees of the app prior to the event and onsite.

3. DO combine your social channels:

          Ensure that your mobile event apps offer your attendees with the opportunity to be social and circulate their event (and app) experience within their networking circles. By integrating your app with social media channels, you incidentally end up boosting your social media engagement rates and promotional strategies.

4. DO hirs a CSM:

          A customer success manager (CSM) is an expert in the field of optimizing an app experience. CSMs ensure you and your attendees of the smooth and systematic flow of any event and often provide the best practices and solutions to tech-related hurdle.


1. DON’T build the app hastily:

          Waiting until the last minute to design and construct your app is one of the biggest mistakes any event organizer can make. While most event planners frequently consider mobile event apps as an afterthought, it’s more important to treat your tech as an integral and significant section of your event.

2. DON’T assume a 100% download rate:

          No event planner can be assured of 100% download rate just by simply having a mobile event app. You need to promote your app aptly in order to make sure that your attendees are fully aware and excited by the prospect of it. But more importantly, it’s important to maintain that hype before, during and even after the event.

3. DON’T design a one-off app:

          Building an app from scratch is more time-consuming and costly in comparison to using existing designs. By customizing app already available, you end up saving time and expenses.

4. DON’T abuse the hashtag:

          Using social media outlets for promotional purposes is an art and if you use your social channels to oversell and exclusively capitalize on your event registration numbers, you may eventually decelerate your success rates. Do not overpromote the event and app, and remember to appeal to the public in an engaging and deeper manner.

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