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Hybrid Events Platform: The Year-Round Platform for your Hybrid Events

The Best Year-Round Platform For Your Hybrid Events

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Hybrid events blend the best of both worlds and combine live in-person events as well as remote virtual events, 2021 will no doubt lead to an uptick in hybrid events. A unique year-round hybrid event can be created, which functions 24/7.

This requires a platform that hosts events and is accessible by both mobile and through web browsers, the purpose is to serve the attendees throughout the entire year. The people who make use of this platform must be allowed to access the old content in terms of recordings. They should also be allowed to access virtual booths, exhibitors, chat forums, marketing material. The users should gain networking and learning opportunities as well as the opportunity to connect with a global community.

Industry Media

The attendees can join a community of experts and attend VIP events hosted by speakers for a monthly subscription, they can have access to content and media such as articles, blog posts, ebooks, surveys, videos, and podcasts that were created by the organizer, exhibitor or the speaker. The attendee must have access to all their needs. Essentially, the attendees are charged a fee to access sponsored articles or events that are either live or pre-recorded, they can also access content by expert speakers.

Exhibitor Marketplace

The attendees can have two choices in the free marketplace, one being free of cost or having an annual or monthly fee, this can allow the users to access everything uploaded to the platform, including blogs, articles, and recordings. The other choice is to pay a higher amount and giving them access to product launches which are exclusive and VIP invitations to meet with new exhibitors.

Attendee Networking

A feature that everyone views as a drawback of virtual events is that people have fewer networking opportunities, however, this is a misconception, to make this a successful experience powerful chat and video tools should be implemented, this creates an optimum networking experience and generates leads.  It can have virtual booths of the company that is exhibiting and the attendees or users that are interested can visit the booths.


Community Engagement

One of the most challenging aspects of a hybrid event is to keep the attendees engaged in the event, therefore, implementing features such as live polls, chats and Q&A’s is imperative. Provide a feature where the attendees can ask questions to the speakers and participate in live polls, they should also be able to interact with each other. This way, they’ll be invested in the event and in what the speaker has to say.

Product Launches and Webinars

The users and attendees can not only attend new events where they have access to product launches and webinars but with the year-round format, they can also have access to events that have already taken place.

Exhibitors and Product Discovery

The users have access to virtual booths and other content from the speakers and exhibitors. When they visit the exhibitors they might find and be interested in several of these products and they can network with the exhibitors or speakers.

Digital platforms are developing and online events are now considered mainstream, the event organizer’s priority is to create an event that stands out, for this to work the organizer needs to employ new business models. Doing a year-round event is one way to employ a formidable business model. Time is constantly changing and people are adapting to the new normal for events. Adapting is something that we should do in order to succeed at what we do. If you wish to learn more about hybrid events, please visit our facebook page. Good luck!




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