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Employee Engagement Events

Companies can be successful only if there is a right equation between the employee and the employer. When there is a sudden slowdown in the employee engagement, a warning bell rings inside your heart. This may be due to work stress or fewer people involved in activities that are going around in a company. Don’t worry, it’s the time to rethink & re-invest on how to boost up your team members.

Catch some of the simple yet interesting tips on employee engagement events to break the monolog. These ideas will inspire to strengthen the relationship between the employee and the management

A themed team outing

A themed group outing will be a good icebreaker. Plan outing for a theater play and ask everyone to dress up according to the play’s characters or theme. Reward the best dressed. Also, a themed dinner can be put up in office.

Sporting together

The best team sporting would be a football match or a baseball game or any sport and all dressed up in their favorite team’s jersey, cheering for the favorite team could be the best. As it will not just be an outing but the one that will re-teach the essentials of teamwork!

Improve Workshops

Yes, add a little fun, and you can see magic happening. An improve event is usually fun, interactive and laughter filled. It is the best way to teach your employees the useful communication and soft skills. Based on the budget you can either do a simple improve show or hire a professional.

Team Cooking

To emphasize the need for teamwork, you can organize a team cooking competition for all your employees and form small groups with randomly picked members from different departments. Creating new dishes will require more creativity, and thus everyone will apply their team and leadership skills. Select a food category and challenge each team to come up with something creative and delicious. Reward the best team!

Talent Show

Organize a talent show at the office and ask everyone to showcase their unique hidden talents like singing, dancing, magic, stand-up comedy, painting and much more. Depending on your budget get some gifts and appreciate the participants.

Organize a Family Field Trip

Make sure to have a family connect at least once a year. Plan and based on your budget choose a nearby destination for the household field trip. Include food, crazy games, and prizes.

Volunteering for a Cause

Giving a hand to support a good cause is not just good for you; it’s also the best way for your team members to bond. Place-based volunteering is good, and you can either help to build a habitat for humanity house or deliver gifts to orphanages or charity hospitals or participating in the save nature campaign.

In the end, all these activities will ensure that your team members use their full strengths to re-learn the essentials of being a team and working as a team.

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