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WebMOBI builds the Official app for Lone Star Film Festival 2017 [Case Study]

After working on Tribeca Film Festival, webMOBI created another white label film festival app for Lone Star Film Festival 2017 with multitude features, made accessible through cross platforms, and a web portal.

Lone Star Film Festival 2017

The movie buffs are aware of the signature event of the Lone Star Film Society. The five-day extravaganza is scheduled from 8th November 2017 to 12th November 2017 in Sundance Square, Fort Worth, Texas. The Lone Star Film Festival is known for presenting the most anticipated cinemas of the year, and also provides opportunities to meet and interact with the popular faces behind the famous movies.

The Challenge for webMOBI to build the film festival app:

Lone Star Film Society wanted to have a white-label app for their event 2017 Lone Star Film Festival with native Android and iOS apps. The main purpose of this film festival app is to provide information about the movies and help attendees find the locations of the different events at the venue.


Creating a Film Festival App for Lone Star Film Society, after Tribeca Film festival was relatively easier and has the ability to reach and impress the users and organizers of LSFF collectively.


Here are the links – App Store | Google Play.



Lone Star Film Festival App – Features and Tools

Film Guide:

This feature contains the list of movies that will be screened at Lone Star Film Festival 2017. It contains all the details about the film – Director, actors, duration, language, and more. This lets the attendees bookmark their favorite movie, and rate the movies based on different filters.


Maps and Navigation:

This essential feature contains the map of the venue and the complete floor plan. This helps the attendees to stroll to and through the venue easily.

Lone Star Film Festival app



The LSFF 2017 app is integrated with social media handles and networks. This feature will help the attendees to follow the updates of the film festival through social media channels.

This feature helps both the organizers and attendees to reach movie buffs and create a broader audience base. This also helps to build a network and connect with like-minded people.



The help desk feature enables the attendees to touch base with members of the conference staff. The attendees can clear their queries and get information regarding the LSSF 2017 through this feature.



The surveys help the organizers to get a better perspective on the event. This interaction with the audience helps the organizer know whether the event is a success.


Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Attendees:

These feature modules contain lists of all the people who are involved with LSFF 2017. The users can browse through the list of speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and fellow attendees. This will help to build a network and follow the schedule of speakers and exhibitors.


This feature helps the user of the LSFF app to watch the videos on YouTube, Vimeo or any video sharing site through the app. The attendees can catch a glimpse of trailers and scenes from the movies and know more about the Lone Star Film Festival without leaving the app.

My Schedule:

This feature will enable the attendees to create a personal feed for themselves. The attendee can bookmark and add their favorite movie to the “Wishlist” and can make a note of the sessions that they are interested to attend.

Furthermore, the attendees can add notes, fav events, speakers, and exhibitors; chat with the other attendees. These all features are available in the right menu.


General Features:

Apart from the features mentioned above, webMOBI has integrated a lot of other features for the LSFF 2017 app.

  • Instant push notifications to help the attendees to get all the needed information.
  • Availability of the app on all the platforms – iOS and Android
  • Offline connectivity to stay updated.
  • Seamless and simple User experience.
  • Content Management System (CMS) for the organizers for instant uploads on excel spreadsheet.
  • Real-time updates for the app content.
  • These interactive features will help to increase the attendee engagement by making the film watching experience memorable.


At webMOBI, we create apps that are tailor-made to suit the clients’ needs. By using the latest trends and integrating more engaging features like live polling, gamification, activity feed we are certain to stay in the fad and provide end-to-end services. We have also developed many enterprise apps for,

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