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Mobile Events Apps for Schools

Mobile events apps are not just a favorite element amongst large-scale conferences and business meetings. An increasing number of schools and colleges are finding themselves using mobile event apps for their educational and association meetings and agendas. These conferences are hosted during the school year and the summer months, and mobile events apps have proven more and more valuable an asset to their functions.

There are multiple reasons for employing a mobile event app, especially for student orientations and parent-teacher programs. Apps offer a reliable method for schools to eliminate lengthy and expensive manual processes of registrations, promotion and feedback sessions. Additionally, they also provide the luxury to go over and edit any information and send real-time updates to attendees. Organisers can revise schedule data and immediately alert users about any notifications. And including the expenses of the app design and other miscellaneous costs, the effort and cost of a mobile app are often lesser than that of using paper-based materials.

This year, the APS3T has partnered with webMOBI to design an official app (iPhone and Android) and website for the conference. The mobile app is built to promote and enhance the user experience and attendee engagement. Some of its key features include:

The app provides all your students with easy access to simple registration, check-in, and management at any school event. Make registration simple with scanning QR codes or barcode; you no longer have to see a long line of students at the registration/ check-in desk!

2. My schedule
The app allows students or any other attendee to bookmark sessions they wish to attend. This tool provides a complete program for students and attendees of any upcoming programmes and events happening in the school. Users can also add sessions to their local calendar on their device.

3. Push messages
Push messages are one-way notifications sent to all users via their smartphone. Information regarding the event and conference can be received or sent quickly with the help of alerts.

4. Session Updates
Any updates regarding sessions or events can be delivered to the user’s home screen. This tool allows for attendees to remain updated on any upcoming events to be marked on their calendars.

5. Sponsors
Showcase all your sponsors with their logos and banners in the event app; they’re likely to get more attention and achieve higher conversion rates. Feature your sponsor’s logo on every page, giving them all the exposure they want on the app.

6. Exhibitors
By providing a separate section for exhibitors, the app offers users a better idea of the entire event. The Exhibitors feature allows users to add as many exhibitors as they need with detailed profiles including logos, profiles, booth number, contact information and more.

7. Social media
The app also links to the school’s Twitter feed (including hashtags!), Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat, and more where students can share their ideas and views. Students can upload photos as well.

8. Survey and polling
Catch student and parent evaluations about their experience, then review the data and use it while planning the following year’s plan. Instant Polling will allow you to get the feedback from them about all the events and sessions where you can project the results simultaneously on a large screen.

9. Speakers
Provide a complete profile of speakers for all the sessions which offers better insights into the session.

10. Q&A
A live interactive environment where students and can interact with respective speakers during the session, in live Q & A sessions. Students can upvote their favorite questions.

11. Conference schedules
This tool offers a complete program of the conference for attendees to keep track of things.

12. Map
This feature provides a virtual campus tour to prospective students. The google map integration allows students to find their way at their own pace with details of sessions and events.


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