Risk management factors for major events

risk management for events

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Running a successful event not only depends on drafting a plan, executing and monitoring, risk management  is an important aspect which event organizers should consider before planning an event.

If you’re responsible for planning a conference or corporate meeting, consider these risk management factors to run a successful event:

Location and venue

It is no longer that everybody wants a low-cost venue or location to host their meetings or conference. The location, venue all matters. Event planners are incorporating cultural aspects of destination to meet agenda. So, the risk of choosing the location and increasing venue demand is definitely a key point to look out during the seasonal and off-seasonal time.

Security & Safe travel

Ensure that the venue is easily commutable by the guests. Always choose a venue which has ready transportation like bus, taxis from the airport or metro stations. To assure less risk involved, you can have a trial run in reaching the destination. Deploy proper security staffs to oversee the protection of guests at the venue.


If you are organizing for trade shows or a corporate meeting or sales meetings, the risk arises in terms of securing the Wi-Fi connection, network security to safeguard the information discussed during the events. Employ a good cyber security system to deal with related risks.

Natural Constraints

The natural constraints like rain, storm and heat are other factors that has to be taken into consideration while planning the location for an event. As the natural phenomenon can take a toll on the attendance rate, check weather forecasts and past weather history of the place to mitigate the risk.

Financial Risks

The most important of all, prepare a plan to execute the event in the allotted budget. Avoid last minute additions in the plan, stick to the original plan draft and ensure the budget is used wisely.


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Food and beverages

Are you wondering how could food and beverages add the risk in an event? Yes, it definitely does increase the potential risk of active audience participation. The menu in the card has a lot to do with the ongoing event. Ensure that the menu has a wide variety of foods for attendees to choose from. Include occasional refreshments to help guests and attendees overcome tiredness.

Have a risk management plan handy to overcome any difficulties at the time of an event

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