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Business Networking at Events

Events happen all through the year! Conferences, expos, trade shows, sales meet, film festivals and more. Many attend these events every year to expand their business network. Every face around you may seem unfamiliar but if the agenda is to generate business through the network; you have to get familiarised with the facts and techniques to grab the opportunity at the business events.

Networking events are great opportunities for developing new relationships and broadening business networks, and they can be fun. Find some useful tips to strike an impact at networking events:

·         Preparation is the Key

Do a research on the list of guests, attendees, and speaker. This should comprise who they work for, what they do, their recent achievement, latest press release, and news.

This surely will give you the confidence to approach them and start a conversation after a mutual exchange of greetings. Slowly progress the conversation and provide them with the feel and look of the kind of a personality you are and if possible email them before the event and ask for few minutes with them during or after the event.

·         Be the first to greet

Never shy away! Be the first to start a conversation with new people during the event. When you meet someone for the first time, greet them and initiate a conversation. Usually, use icebreakers to jumpstart the conversation. For example, “What is your latest project?” “What do you like about your job?”

·         Plan & Have your Pitch ready

It is a good idea to have a 60-second elevator pitch which sums up your USP. An elevator pitch is a key to start initiating the conversation. Try to grab attention and demonstrate your caring nature. Also, do give your business card before proceeding with further discussion.

·         Be early to the event

Make it a habit of turning early to network events. The longer your presence at the event, you have more opportunity to grab business. Try to use the time before the formal meet to interact with people.

·         Promote

Carry your brochures or leaflets or banner up in the network event. If the event allows participants to put up banners, get before in time and put up the banner in a prominent place. Always carry extra brochures and business card.

·         Follow-up

Remember, everything may seem going well during the event. Once it ends, people have real things to do. So, be the person who follows up. Be an individual who stays in touch with everyone you meet at the network event. Be a person difficult to forget, use social media and follow up in a meaningful and respectful way.

·         Online Network

With the event technology on high heels, the online network event is much in trend with business people who keep travelling all the time. Social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter offer such network events. There are website and apps which again enables the virtual networking possible. Do use them to scale up your business network.


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