10 Best Virtual Event Engagement Software Platforms

10 Best Virtual Event Engagement Software Platforms

Virtual event software platforms to host online events

With the Covid19 outbreak, the event organizers are increasingly canceling or postponing events. The organizers are also not sure when things are going be back to regular, and in-person events are going to start seeing active participation. There is a lot of uncertainty. In these times, many organizers are thinking or organizing virtual events.

With virtual events, the crucial areas that organizers focus on is the ability to broadcast live event and recording for playback. This enables streaming, and in case attendees have missed a session, they can view the playback. The attendees should be able to connect with others across the web and mobile app with one-to-one chat and video calls. With gamification features, the attendees can have fun engagement with other attendees and earn rewards. The sponsors want the ability to showcase their product for attendees and capture high-quality leads.

Here we showcase a collection of best online event tools that can help to organize your events virtually. These tools can include broadcasting your event sessions, engage attendees, and integrate into your existing event tools.

Video Conferencing and Webinar Tools

1) Zoom

Zoom is a new video conferencing and engaging solution. Its cloud platform used for video, phone, content sharing, chat across mobile, desktop, telephones, and room systems. Zoom includes HD video and audio for up to 1,000 video participants allowing for the in-person experience in a virtual environment.

zoom-virtual event platform

Features like high-quality video, recording and transcripts, built-in collaboration tools, calendars, and chat allow you to make the next internal or external virtual meeting fun and convenient.

2) Google Hangouts 

Google hangouts have many features and an excellent option for small team meetings and private events. It offers Instant messaging, voice calls, group conferencing, built-in screen sharing, auto-screen focus, and HD experience.

Hangouts-Virtual Event Platform

3) Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is another popular virtual event platform because of its reliability, audio, video, and content sharing features. Users can share files, mute and unmute event participants, and record online meetings. There are a host of processes and business applications to integrate with this service. There are no cumbersome codes needed for participants to join conferences. With this service, companies can enjoy higher levels of productivity without any disruptions as it filters out background noise automatically.

4) Vimeo

Vimeo offers you live stream videos in high-quality 1080p, get tools to boost collaboration and engagement. You can work from home and collaborate via live and uploaded videos.

Vimeo-virtual event platform

5) Ring Central

RingCentral is a cloud video conferencing service that unifies HD video conferencing, mobility, and online meetings. Share information easily and collaborate with teams live in HD video.

Virtual Immersive Event Tools

5) VFairs

It is an online event platform that helps event organizers make great connections with their target users. They offer complete virtual experience.

6) Ubievent

Ubievent helps organize virtual fairs, webinars, online career fairs, virtual customer events, online trade shows, virtual kick-off meetings, online academies, or virtual conferences.

7) Hexafairs

Hexafairs offers Virtual Tradefair, Virtual Fair & Virtual Conferences solution for the business catering to agencies, tradeshow organizers, and event consultants. Virtual Tradeshow/Fair, Virtual Property Fair, Virtual Summit, Virtual Community Networking Event, Virtual Job Fair, Virtual Career Fair, Virtual Education Fair, Virtual Corporate Events, Virtual Business Development & Training Events.

Audience Event Engagement Tools

8) Sli.do

Sli.do offers easy to use Q&A and Polling tools. Slido helps the audience get the most out of conferences and events by connecting the space between speakers and their attendees.

9) Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere adds live audience interaction to every meeting, town hall, training session, and class. It works on everyday devices like phones and laptops, changing the presentation screen instantly as responses roll in.

Hybrid Events Tools with an immersive experience

10) Virtual engagement by webMOBI

webMOBI provides you a complete mobile event management platform and help you to automate the entire life cycle of your event from web site with live streaming integration, branded native mobile event apps, pre & post-event survey, push notification that will allow you to update your audience about any updates during the event, live interactive polling, social media integration and mobile streaming. The best part is that you can customize everything as per your organization’s branding.

Summing Up: Your Virtual Engagement Tools

When looking at hosting your next virtual event, consider investing in tools to help you deliver quality audio and visual experience as well as attendee engagement options throughout your virtual event via web and mobile app.

You can also combine your virtual event tools with your event management platform to tackle the virtual world to deliver a comprehensive hybrid event experience to reach attendees wherever they are.


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WebMOBI July 2019 Feature Update: Event App Experience at its Best

WebMOBI July 2019 Feature Update: Event App Experience at its Best

event app

Event App Experience

In 2012 we first launched webMOBI as a DIY Mobile App Creation tool for SME. Since then, it has grown to the world’s leading all-in-one event management platform. We have added tons of features, to give event audience the world’s best event experience and huge ROI boost to the event organizers and sponsors.

Now it is the mid of 2019, we have decided to review what all features and updates we have and document all in this piece of article.

This will be a long read as we explain all the features and new updates, so grab your coffee and strap in.

In case you are new to webMOBI, let us introduce who we are and what we do. webMOBI is the world’s leading all-in-one event management software with an attendee CRM.

We offer event apps, website, registration, live polls, survey, lead generation services & attendee engagement. Our cutting-edge software is trusted by 100 brands worldwide for corporate events, conferences, trade shows, internal/external meetings & more.

How does webMOBI work?

webMOBI is an all-in-one event management platform that allows users to create and publish web and mobile applications for events in just three steps:

  • Selecting a ready to use a template
  • Choosing relevant features
  • Adding content and publishing the app.

With the help of these simple steps, event organizers will be able to easily create an event, enterprise, venue, school applications that reflect their brands. Once they publish the mobile application, it will be available on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. The attendees can download the free event app on their mobile devices.

webMOBI enables users to build and publish enterprise apps effortlessly. These applications are used for meetings, internal, corporate communications, team onboarding, talent engagement, Q&A, and sales kickoffs.

With the WebMobi enterprise apps, people will be able to collect the feedback from their staff and employees in real time scenario and display the results on the screen. Besides that, these apps even allow them to securely access and share the documents with members of their organization. Users can also send push notifications messages and updates to their members and employees.

Another thing it offers is that it simplifies customer engagement, which is very much useful for event marketing. The software allows users to send regular alerts and flash messages to their customers, based on their location and contextual information.

Mobile Applications Features

Make your event app more creative and beautiful. The Image and logos can all be tailored to accommodate your style. Now your event theme and corporate branding can be prominently showcased. You can re-style in real-time.

webMOBI Mobile Application UI and Features

Check-in and Badge Printing


Website and Registration features

  1. Online registration and ticketing system
  2. Agenda management with Session Check-in and Capacity Management
  3. Activity Feed and Leaderboard
  4. Event Website builder
  5. Speaker information management
  6. Attendee check-in
  7. Name badge generation
  8. Event promotion
  9. CRM integration



Some of the advanced features are:

1. Maps

Google map integrated to help the attended find their way. It helps to provide multiple floor maps with details of the sessions and Live Maps.

2. Artificial Intelligent Chatbot

With the help of an AI chatbot, which is an inbuilt feature of the app, provides the answers to all your generic queries quickly.

3. Docs & Videos

With WebMobi you can share important documents, session content in Video or document format.

4. Personalized Features

You can personalize the experience of the attendee with favorite products, personal agenda, meeting, private message, etc.

5. Measure Event Performance

WebMobi provides an analytical report with critical analysis of data for measuring the performance of the event and insights to drive more about Return On Investment.

Registration and ticketing

Event Engagement Features

  1. Mobile event apps give sponsors a smarter way to promote their brand as well as increasing revenue. Each ad can link to an event or promotion within the app or an external website.
  2. Attendee engagement and networking
  3. Instant Chat enables hassle-free communication.
  4. Business Card Scanning & Exchanging creates more business opportunities
  5. Meeting Scheduler avoids back-and-forth messaging or emailing
  6. Chatbots

Analytics Features

  1. Cross event report – Manage multiple events on a single platform and track results seamlessly.
  2. Individual analytics – Track attendee status and create customized enterprise reports. Integrate with enterprise backends including Salesforce
  3. Member management – Collect & merge all members across multiple events effortlessly.
  4. Re-marketing {continuous marketing}
  5. Send invites to targeted members for relevant events based on their previous event activity.

Beacons and Contact Management

  • With Beacon technology & mobile apps, the onsite registration can go from long lines and waiting periods to secure in-and-out experiences.
  • Scan business card for onsite registration and capture attendee information effortlessly.
  • Easily exchange contact information with other attendees during the event via the mobile app. Keep track of the event meetings.

Beacon Manager

Lead Engagement

  1. Real-Time Lead Capture & Event follow-up
  2. Exhibitors Lead Capture – Generate revenues by helping exhibitors capture leads and automate lead-generation at your event.
    Take notes and sync with the CRM, including Salesforce.
  3. Digital Signage – Captivate crowds with a fully serviced and custom branded social media wall.
  4. Convert attendee data via registration kiosk at the venue
  5. Event staff can engage guests and fans by taking branded snaps, which are delivered instantly by text and email.
    Amplify brand messages and collect customer data


Easy and Intuitive Dashboard

With WebMobi’s powerful dashboard, you can manage the event smoothly. It even allows you to add or remove the attendees, send push, and much more.

Contacts Manager (CRM)

Wearable devices.

The use of Bluetooth based wearables devices in the events is gaining traction. With WebMobi beacon integration event organizers can enable check-in and event analytics. They use wireless communication technology to streamline onsite processes by only showing for scanning.

That’s a ton of features we developed over years of hard work, more than just capable of creating the best event experience overall. What can be a better way to experience it than a free trial? Or, check a Demo App.

Request a free trial, to build an event app and see it yourself.

In case, you need any support, feel free to Contact Us

Start building your event app today!

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Event Networking Tools to manage Delegates

In the contemporary society and the fast-paced business culture, hosting, planning and managing events bereft of the support of event networking tools and software becomes an ineffective and arduous set of tasks for both the organizer as well as the prospective delegates. Customers have an ever augmenting desire for more personalized and interactive tools that comprehensively guide them through events. This task of meeting the expectations becomes the central doctrine for any event manager or organizer.

Managing the attendees

It becomes the single handed responsibility of the event organizer to ensconce all the potential attendees, create a good rapport and maintain an everlasting connection so as to boost the attendance of a meeting. A diligent organizer would give a structured look to the event, beginning with the registration process, ticketing, creating the agenda, providing information on speakers and more, till the valediction. Beyond the fundamentals, a smart organizer would opt for the technology that would enhance his reach to a larger customer base in a simpler method.

Personalized communication

Inculcating personalization in the online marketing campaigns can give a kick start to the initial ticket sales and fulfill the registration goals. Categorizing the content based on the type of the attendee, i.e. are they new or past attendees or speakers etc., using the attendees name in the subject line (in an email or social network) and phrases like ‘welcome back’ (in the case of past attendees) so as to grab their attention and create an amicable feeling, and other similar online marketing strategies, amplifies the chances of potential customers to register.

Data Management

Accumulation of enormous amount of data that includes multitudes of spreadsheets of attendee information, speaker details, registration details etc, is part of an organizer’s life. Handling such vital but large information single-handedly is conspicuously chaotic. Utilizing event management software tools, like smart lists, can help categorizing customers, ease the updating process, puts the information in a nut shell, gives it a structured format and becomes user friendly.

Stick to Trending Technologies – Beacons

Beacons are one of the latest and trending communication tools that leverage mobile technology and proximity. The uniqueness of beacons is that they allow messages to be targeted to specific people at the correct time and location. The strategic combination of beacons combined with mobile apps that cater to event management goals, helps the customers receive instant notifications on their smart phones and be updated.

Events that happen on a large scale are usually tedious to manage and become logistically complex. Beacon-enabled path finding, allows organizers to align the logistics and transform the navigation process into GPS style guidance. Beacons also allow like-minded people to be connected if they are in a certain level of proximity, notifications pop up so as to enable a chance to meet, thus creating a bond between the attendees and increasing their chances to return. Moreover, if there are any updates or changes encountered either in the logistics or agenda etc, either before or during the event, immediate alerts are sent to the attendees and guidelines can be mentioned to mollify the issue. It is also important to note that quick feedback is required to get an understanding about the customer’s experience with beacons; it must not end up irritating the users with beacon-triggered notifications.


Contextual networking and position-based technologies like beacons, sensors and mobile applications possess the potential to generate great experience for the stakeholders of the event. Similar to Heisenberg’s Principle, it is the position and time which is tapped by these technologies that proves to be of utmost importance for any event organizer. The most successful organizer is the one who focuses on cutting technologies to provide the best experience rather than limiting to only event management.