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10 genius tips for hosting live quizzes in virtual meetings!

Hosting live quizzes in virtual meetings is important because it allows virtual team members to ask questions and get employee feedback during the meeting. This helps them to learn more about the topic being discussed and to keep up with the conversation. Virtual team trivia also provide a way for participants to share their knowledge and insights, which can help to improve the meeting as a whole.

In this article, we will discuss on how to host live quizzes for your next virtual meetings.


Introduction: What are live quizzes in virtual meetings? 

Virtual meetings or web conferencing is a great way to connect with employees working remotely. Online trivia games such as interactive live quizzes can be a great way to break the ice and get the virtual meeting invested in the meeting, thereby, conducting engaging webinars.

By periodically testing employees on topics they may not have covered in depth through online trivia games, you can ensure that everyone is up-to-date and knowledgeable about company policy. Quizzes are effective in developing competitiveness — encouraging people to know as much as they can. It enhances virtual team building.

In addition, such fun online trivia team building games can be used as a tool for training new employees. By having them complete the quiz before joining the team, you can ensure that they know the basics and understand how things work within the company.

Live quizzes are a fun way to engage audiences and learning in your web conferencing, so don’t hesitate to try them out in your next virtual meeting!


What are the benefits of hosting a quiz in virtual meetings?

Virtual meetings offer a number of benefits that can be advantageous for organizations. For example, they can be more efficient because team members and other meeting attendees are working remotely from anywhere in the world. They are usually less expensive than face-to-face meetings. It can also be used to enhance customer relationships. You can easily analyze feedback and measure the customer satisfaction level.

Additionally, virtual meetings provide an opportunity for the meeting attendees to break the ice and know each other better. Virtual team trivia questions are a great way to do this because they create a sense of competition and engagement.

Also, a virtual team trivia quiz can create a sense of community and team building because participants can learn from one another.

Tips to host live quizzes

Here are ten strategies on how you can host live quizzes in virtual meetings.

1. Decide the goals

One of the most important things that a quiz administrator must do when hosting a quiz live in a virtual meeting is to decide the goals of the quiz.

This will help to ensure that everyone participating in the quiz understands what they are trying to achieve and that any questions or answers chosen are relevant to the task at hand. Furthermore, setting clear objectives can also help to keep participants on track and motivated.

For example, if one goal of the quiz is to test knowledge or understanding of specific material, making sure that all questions deal with this specific topic will ensure that everyone participating is getting valuable information.

On the other hand, if another goal is simply to have fun and kill time – no matter how well someone does on the quiz – then questions that are irrelevant or leading towards nowhere may be better left off.

2. Choose the quiz format

To improve the live quizzing experience in virtual meetings, it’s important to choose the right format for questions. A good format will allow participants to easily answer questions, participate in the conversation, and stay informed about the discussion.

There are several different types of question formats that can work well in virtual meetings: multiple choice quiz questions, open-ended questions, drag-and-drop questions, and flow charts.

Multiple choice quiz questions

Multiple choice quiz questions are easy for participants to answer and help them stay engaged in the conversation. The multiple choice quiz questions can be formatted as simple or complicated questions, depending on how much information participants need to know for the quiz question.

Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are good for taking the discussion in new directions and helping participants think about an idea or problem. They can be formatted as simple or complicated questions, depending on how much information participants need to know for the quiz question.

Drag-and-drop questions

Drag-and-drop questions are good for exploring new ideas and helping people think about problems in different ways. They can be formatted as simple or complicated questions, depending on how much information participants need to know for the quiz question.

Flow charts

Flow charts are good for showing how different parts of the system interact. They can be formatted as simple or complicated questions, depending on how much information participants need to know for the quiz question.

3. Decide the questions and number of rounds

It is important to choose the rounds and questions of the quizzes live in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If one person misses a question, the entire meeting could be derailed.

Additionally, if everyone misses a question, it can be difficult to determine who has answered correctly. By choosing the rounds and questions of the quizzes live, everyone involved in the meeting can stay on track and maximize their learning potential.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the number of rounds and questions of the quizzes live.

– It is crucial to make sure that the quiz is engaging and challenging enough for all participants.

– It is important to make sure that there are enough rounds so that everyone has a chance to participate.

– Choose questions that will help participants stay focused on the discussion at hand.

4. Encourage participation

In order to keep a live quiz session lively and engaging, it is important to encourage participation from all attendees to capture feedback. Here are a few tips to help encourage participation in your virtual team trivia quizzes live.

– Encourage participation in virtual team building by offering meeting attendees engaging content and rewards for correct answers. This can be anything from extra points on their leaderboard to a chance to win a prize.

– Make sure the fun online trivia quiz question is relevant to the topic of the meeting. If the quiz revolves around specific information that was not covered in previous sessions, make sure that everyone knows about it ahead of time.

– Keep the virtual team trivia questions simple and easy to understand. Too much detail can make it difficult for meeting attendees to focus on the task at hand.

5. Have both individual and team building quiz types

When hosting quizzes in virtual meetings, it’s important to consider individual and team building quiz formats. Individual quizzes are great for smaller groups, while team quizzes are better suited for larger groups. Additionally, different quiz formats can help motivate participants and keep them engaged.

Individual quiz type

Participants take a quiz on individual questions from the content being discussed. This is great for people who want to focus on one particular topic or section of the content.

Team building quiz type

Teams of participants take turns answering questions from a pre-created set of questions in the team building quiz type. This is great for groups who want to review material together or test knowledge learned in previous sessions.

6. Have a reliable scoring method

The act of administering a quiz in any web conferencing can be an incredibly engaging and educational experience for participants, but it’s essential that the quiz itself is conducted using a reliable and fair scoring system.

One common method used to score quizzes is the use of point systems, but there are several other factors to consider when choosing which scoring system to use.

One consideration is how easy it will be to administer the quiz. Point systems tend to be more efficient when it comes time to tally up scores, but they can also be confusing for participants if they don’t understand how points are awarded.

If the quiz will be administered by someone other than the facilitator, then a point system may not be the best option.

7. Maintain a relaxed atmosphere

A relaxed atmosphere is important to host a live quiz session. Here are some tips to create the perfect environment:

Establish ground rules early on

Make sure everyone knows what is and isn’t allowed during the quiz, and be specific about it. This will help keep the conversation focused on the quiz and prevent any clashes between participants.

Keep the mood light and fun

Try not to take things too seriously, and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. A good way to do this is by setting a cheerful tone from the beginning, and keeping expectations low—a quiz can be a lot of fun if everyone approaches it that way!

Be prepared for surprises

It’s always possible that someone will come up with an unexpected question or answer, so be prepared for anything!

8. Give everyone a fair chance to participate

The web conferencing hosts should give everyone a fair chance to participate in their live quizzes, even if they have not taken the quiz before. This is especially important when the quiz is held during the meeting, as it can distract from the discussion and decrease the quality of the meeting.

Additionally, virtual meeting hosts should make sure that all participants have access to the same resources, such as questions and answers, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

9. Pre-arrange prizes for the winners

When hosting quizzes live in a virtual meeting, giving the winners some prizes is beneficial. Prizes can motivate participants to participate and help keep the meeting organized. Additionally, it can be fun for participants to compete for prizes.

There are a variety of options for prizes that can fit any type of quiz. Some ideas include gift cards, free products, and VIP passes.

It is important to choose prizes that will appeal to the audience, but also be challenging enough that participants feel like they achieved something special.

10. Use proper visual or other aids

It is important to use proper visuals or other aids to create live quizzes in virtual meetings. Interactive presentations will help participants stay engaged and on track. It can also help to increase the overall engagement with the discussion and also be effective in choosing the correct answer.

Some tips for using visual aids during live quizzes include using slides or charts to illustrate points, displaying questions on the screen as they are being asked, and using video clips or other media to illustrate relevant points.

It is also helpful to provide feedback after each question so that the team members can see how their answers are affecting the overall score.


How do you ensure to create a quiz that is fair and impartial?

There are a few ways to ensure that the live quizzes are fair and impartial. The first step is to create a clear quiz objective. This will help participants understand what they are supposed to learn from the quiz and what they need to bring with them when taking it.

The second step is to make sure that everyone who takes the live quizzes has access to the same resources. This means ensuring that all participants have access to the same questions, instructions, and feedback. It also means making sure that all materials used in the quiz (including software, hardware, and websites) are free of viruses or other malware.

Finally, it is important to provide clear instructions for taking the fun live quizzes during the live events. This includes information on how long it should take participants and whether they need any assistance during their journey through the live quizzes.

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Wrap Up!

In conclusion, these ten strategies can help you successfully host live quizzes in virtual meetings. Remember to keep the quiz fun and engaging for your participants, and provide clear instructions leading up to the quiz. Finally, consider using social media to promote and engage with your team members and other meeting attendees after the quiz is complete.

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