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Top Tech upcoming events Guide

Leaving behind the plethora of conferences that saturated 2017, comes a brand new set of exciting prospects for development and engagement. This year’s line up of tech events and conferences will leave you breathless and rejuvenated at the same time. And more often then so, one of the primary aims of attending any tech event is the following media coverage. That’s why webMOBI has put together a comprehensive list of tech events for this year and the next. This curation will allow you to not only easily navigate through the mass flood of tech events and conferences in the coming months, but also attend to the ones that best fit your professional objectives.

1. XLIVE Annual Conference and Expo | APR. 2, 2018: Like any other Las Vegas party, the XLIVE convention in Vegas, Nevada, is famous for convening leaders and major players in the music, film, tech, sports, beverage, brands and the tech worlds to exchange ideas and experiences. The event is notorious for providing attendees an experience that resonates well with festivals and live events.

2. RSA | APR. 16-20, 2018: From individuals with start-ups to established corporations to news reporters; the RSA tech conference is an event that’s marked very early on everyone’s calendar. The conference attracts over 40,000 infosec leaders for keynotes and hands-on discussions regarding the current attack vectors and possible defense strategies. Hosted in San Francisco, the RSA also highlights the business side of cybersecurity, and it hopes to exhibit new resolutions and services through extensive dialogue. And to top that off, techies often end up finding new partners and customers through the interactive sessions.

3. Recode Code Conference | MAY 29-31, 2018: To be hosted In Palos Verdes, California, this tech conference has seen some of the most influential tech companies like Lyft, YouTube, and HBO, send their leaders to take the stage on media, tech, and politics.

4. E3 | JUNE 12-14, 2018: This Los Angeles based conference is notorious for being fabled as the “mecca for gaming.” From Indies to chartbusters, the E3 tech conference is sure to draw fans crowding the venues for the first play of some of the year’s most anticipated titles. Game developers will also be exhibiting their creations, with the media covering the best parts of the convention center.

5. Black Hat | AUGUST 4-9, 2018: With over 150 security companies showcasing their new solutions to over 7500 attendees, the Black Hat tech conference has always been a pioneering forum in bringing together some of the most dominant minds in the information security field. The conference highlights the exchange of research, trends and in-depth sessions on the latest security risks and possible solutions. It proposes one of the most concentrated platforms of cyber-security tech members and offers terrific opportunities to network.

6. TECHSPO Los Angeles | Mid-JUN, 2019: This technology expo is a space where business, technology, and innovation come to fruition. The conference exhibits the next wave of tech and creativity; showcasing new developments such as contextual technology, VR and AR, IoT, Wearables, 3D Printing, and many more! Attendees must prepare themselves to be amazed by the evolving new age of tech that is bound to influence our businesses in the future.
Note: Although attendance is free, it is however limited. So register ASAP!

7. The New York Summit | TBD, 2019: With a date soon to be announced, the New York Times is preparing to bring together some of the top leaders in business and technology, to scrutinize the promise of emerging AI tech. The conference will include invigorating explorations of the impending challenges, overriding questions, and opportunities that AI tech is proposing for world organizations.

8. SXSW | TBD, 2019: This meet up is no novelty in the world of tech events. One of the USA’s signature conferences, the SouthxSouthWest convention continues to create forums for creative minds, media outlets and large businesses and corporations build dialogues on potential strategies of development. The conference is a melting pot of tech, film culture and invites networking opportunities (in addition to BBQ).

9. CES | TBD, 2019: Apart from being a productive conference for business meetings, CES allows its attendees to meet reporters and gain the kind of media and PR attention one needs to kick-start their efforts. Known for being one of the table-setters in the line of tech events, the conference allows for an early look into the methods in which new developments in tech make its way into our current enterprises.
1. Artificial Intelligence Conference | APR 10, 2018: The London based conference delves into the technical and abstract spheres of the emergence of AI. Attendees often enjoy extensive sessions and showcases on AI enterprise, the impact of the tech on current and future businesses, societal implications, and our future interaction with AI.

2. IFA | AUGUST 31-SEPT. 5, 2018: Europe’s largest technology conference is bringing together large household names and new exciting players in the business. From consumer electronics to home appliances, the IFA is one of the biggest tech trade shows on the continent. To be hosted in Berlin, the IFA tech event is attracting more and more US-based companies into the fold, allowing them to experience the European market and gain some of the media attention the conference pulls every year.

3. World Summit AI | OCT 10, 2018: The World Summit AI is a guaranteed trip for every techie. To be hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the conference is a fast-paced and emphasizes on the innovation and safe development in machine learning. The event also promises to provoke deeper thinking, new partnerships, potential investment projects and new tech alliances.

4. Web Summit | NOV 5, 2018: What started out as a simple idea almost a decade ago, the Web Summit has grown to become one of the largest technology conferences in the world. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, the conference aims to connect the tech community with every other industry, to bring about a healthy and productive partnership for future businesses.

5.OnBrand | NOV 11, 2018: This event is the largest trending meet up of Europe’s most celebrated and sharpest minds in the tech and design industries. Across the years, delegates such as brand directors, creative heads, and CMOs gather in Amsterdam, to discuss and build upon the crossovers between technology and marketing. Notorious for being “Europe’s intention creative hub,” OnBrand also hosts many talks and sessions on the growing trends in the tech world that will eventually shape the future directions of the industry.

6. Mobile World Congress | TBD, 2019: The MWC, in Barcelona, Spain, is the largest premier tech event for any and all mobile technologies. Initially, dominated by European and Asian companies, the MWC has seen increasing participation rates from US-based companies in search of opportunities in other overseas markets. And it’s very likely that delegates would get exclusive opportunities and bragging rights to having witnessed the launch of major new mobile tech – like the Samsung Galaxy S9. The MWC has attracted over 6100 CEOs, 108,000 attendees, and has showcased cutting-edge displays and much more.


1. Digimarcon | Late MAY, 2019: 2019’s Digimarcon will mark the 5th anniversary of the Canadian-based annual digital marketing conference. The tech event is famous for connecting digital marketing leaders with new audiences of investors and customers. Attendees often find themselves networking through novel ideas, technologies and unique business propositions. The conference focuses on discussing new ways to satisfy consumers through updated digital strategies, cross-analytics, search engine marketing and mobile integration and engagement.

Middle East:
1. The Sign and Graphic Imaging | JAN 21-23, 2019: Set in Dubai the Sign and Graphic Imaging tech conference is a 19-year-old prominent forum that has generated billions of dollars worth in sales for delegates serving the signage, POP/POS, and advertising industries. The SGI tech trade show has received some of the most dignified and major decision makers in the industry to take part in the exhibitions and attendees can get the chance some of these imminent leaders. The show is expected to attract attendees not only from the MENA region but also from around the world, for invigorating trade and networking opportunities.

2. The OurCrowd Global Investment Summit | MAR 7, 2019: Scheduled for the March of 2019, the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is one of the largest and most anticipated investor events of the year. Ready to be hosted in Jerusalem, Israel, the summit is also revered for being the biggest equity crowdfunding event across the globe. The event hopes to offer an unmatched platform for members within the tech-start-up-ecosystem, to network, learn and grow from each other.

1. Computext | JUN 5-9, 2018: Considered to be one of Taiwan’s largest B2B marketplaces, the Computex conference concentrates on tech that regards itself with consumer electronics, data storage, networking products and other wireless communication services. The tech event has witnessed several suppliers and distributes from various cutting-edge brands in the industry, interact and present their services.

2. TECHNOTEX | JUN 28-29, 2018: Based in India, the TECHNOTEX international showcase and conference emphasizes on the technicalities and chain of textile production, packaging, and distribution. The conference focuses on the growing market for investment and trade between India and other nations in the technical textile industry. TECHNOTEX hopes to provide a creative platform for exchange between international companies and leaders in the technical textile value chain.

3. Systems Integration | AUG 16-18, 2018: One of the leading trade shows in the Philippines, the Systems Integration conference serves as a substantial exhibit space for emerging technologies such as AI, pro-AV, transmissions and much more. It is known for being the marketplace for office solutions and tends to attract thousands of attendees who hope to see some of latest developments in gadgets, video and lighting, ITC and out-of-home media.

4. Malaysia IT Fair, KL | JUL 31 – AUG 2, 2019: The Malaysia IT Fair, KL, simplifies and helps create a quintessential platform for IT industry players and stakeholders to jump-start their work and campaigns. It also facilitates an accessible forum for companies and individuals to demonstrate their products and service, to a vast audience. The Malaysia IT Fair, KL, also offers a lively learning ambiance for its visitors to acculturated to the volatility of the IT world.

5. The China International Internet of Things Exhibit | AUG 16-18, 2019: One of Asia’s largest IoT expos, the China International Internet of Things Exhibit covers the different layers of the IoT industry and its subsequent chain of functions. It provides delegates with IoT applications and integrative solutions to members from different sectors and businesses.


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