Why your Tradeshow marketing needs Instagram?

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It is likely that some companies may not be able to employ photographers like those at the National Geographic, but there is quite a bit all of us can learn from how they use their photos – especially on Instagram. Event management companies can gauge and apply the social media (specifically Instagram) strategies to enhance their brand presence. As the world is increasingly getting pulled into the world of social media, various brands and businesses are becoming conscious of the way they engage with their users, and Instagram has shown exceptional engagement rates as a social media marketing platform. The reason is that Instagram users and followers are more enthusiastic about sharing and engaging with branded official content. Here are a few statistics you need to keep in mind when you plan on integrating Instagram into your branding techniques:

1. Instagram usage is more prominent in urban metropolitan areas
2. Around a quarter of its total users access the site multiple times a day
3. Its use is somewhat evenly split between both major OS brands – Android and Apple
4. Instagram is used widely by celebrities and dominant personalities for both personal and business purposes.

A brand’s Instagram presence is an innately inexpensive tactic that can allow for incredible attendee engagement rates and database growth. With over 700 million active monthly followers, Instagram is tainted to be the most popular social media network and show marketing tool of 2018. Brands and trade shows are increasingly being encouraged to utilize the visually charged medium to attract potential investors and audiences to your services. Trade shows and event companies need to motivate their viewers to participate in their services and overall mission, and once an overall goal and theme have been set, the following content needs to be Instagram ready.

Create The Perfect Instagram Stream:

Show marketing content needs to be directed to image and ‘hashtag’ channels. While your image base will not just capture and promote your actions and services, but also allow your audiences to keep up with your activity, your hashtag stream will end up defining your primary audience and how you distribute and describe your content.
It is critical for trade shows and event management companies to understand and define their hashtag stream, to allow their content to gain maximum accessibility. Mass audiences can even reach out and discover the pre-show feed for the tradeshow. By creating a pre-show hashtag, viewers can research and grasp the prospects of the event. Simultaneously, using specific hashtags can help your trade show reach the word out to other bloggers and press attendees. These hashtags can include details about topics like:

1. The Booth Numbers
2. The Type of activity/service/industry
3. The Show/Pre-show name
4. The brands and sponsors featured

Apart from hashtags, trade show marketers can also utilize geo-tags or location specific tags, that can allow viewers to see the location on a map and scroll through other images taken at that same place. Geo-tags are much easier for Instagram users to activate and (more importantly) remember. Trade show marketers should remember always to attach their venue locations with their respective photos to promote inbound interaction.

Strengthen Your Database:

Every trade show display marketer needs to make use of the latest mass communication and distribution techniques to ensure that your messages and content is viewed above the crashing wave of online material. And one such prominent use of Instagram for trade shows to be able to build upon your database simultaneously. After creating a landing page for your event and brand, event planners and marketers can promote the website’s URL on their Instagram pages to further direct online traffic from the social media outlet to the primary site.

Here are other quick ways in which you can optimize your Instagram presence:

1. Send out invitations to follow your page on Instagram in other promotional mailings
2. Take as many snaps as you can – there can never be just one perfect picture
3. Step away from the PR-like nature of photos, and post more interesting and real-time activities for audiences to better engage with your brand
4. Provide backstage and behind the scene, sneak peeks to your viewers via Instagram stories and videos
5. Run Instagram contests and giveaways; e.g., ask followers to re-Tweet or share your Instagram posts and stories to win a prize
5. Encourage show attendees to take and share photos at your booths with your logos – event post the event
6. Use your Instagram ROI to evaluate your event’s or show’s performance.

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