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webMOBI releases Virtual Audience Engagement platform – Engage efficiently via online events during coronavirus outbreak

webMOBI is a new generation AI-powered all-in-one engagement platform and provides a suite of engagement tools for events, enterprises & universities. 

webMOBI’s new virtual engagement platform can host your full events online. You can communicate with attendees and host your virtual conferences easily and enable live streaming with powerful engagement features. These include live Q & A, live chat, live polls, one-on-one networking with online video meetings, session and event surveys, push messaging, attendee check-in, speaker bio, and more. 

With the webMOBI branded and mobile container app, the sessions with the live stream or recorded videos are marked in the agenda list and agenda detail pages. These agenda details are also offered through the webMOBI web app. The attendees can watch live streaming videos on there laptops/desktops with a bigger screen. The audience can connect various services, including Youtube, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Vimeo, and more. These can be added from the webMOBI dashboard easily. 

The webMOBI virtual engagement platform supports the following features.

  1. Live streaming by connecting with various conferencing systems including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Youtube, Vimeo & more.
  2. Live Polls – The audience can participate in live polls and see the results in real-time live on a desktop or mobile app.
  3. Live Q & A – Audience can engage with speakers with live Q & A sessions and upvote other members questions
  4. Document sharing – Share documents and additional information for each session securely.
  5. Push notifications – Connect with participants by sending periodic notifications throughout the year
  6. Session survey – Capture feedback for each session easily
  7. Live Chat – Engage with other members with one-on-one chat or post in the event feed with AI / ML-powered automatic content moderation.
  8. Private Social Network – Engage with other audiences by liking, posting, and commenting in the event feed with a safe content moderation feature.

To check in detail, visit our Online Meetings product page.

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