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Simple, Reliable, Affordable Pricing.
An unrivaled value for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Basic Plan ($1/device/month)

  • Get Basic Features.
  • Get Event Webpage.
  • Standard Event Listing
  • Free for Free Events
  • Container app with five free devices
  • Additional $1 per device per month
  • Paid Events 1% with a $0.49 per-ticket fee capped $5

Standard Plan ($500/Event)

  • Basic +
  • Get Event Website
  • Basic Mobile Listing
  • Premium Event Website Templates

Premium Plan ($1000/Event)

  • Standard +
  • Preferences Form
  • Speaker Profiles
  • Personalised Schedules
  • Push Notifications
  • All your events listed
  • Real-time analytics
  • E-Mail Support
  • $999 for each add-on event

Branded Plan ($2000/Event)

  • Premium +
  • Your listing in the App store
  • All your events within your branded app
  • Email, Chat and Phone Support

Enterprise Plan


General Questions

What makes webMOBI different from other event apps?
  • webMOBI offers an all-in-one event management platform with simple reliable and honest pricing - What you see is what you spend
  • Self Service - You can create and publish an event within an hour
  • Top-notch Security - Technology you can trust with features including multi-factor authentication, private events, password protection, and attendee lockdown
How do I build my event app ? How long does it take?
  • With webMOBI building an app is straightforward. All you will require is to enter some basic information about your event, choose features, preview your app, submit it and you are done. Building app can be done within a span of less than an hour. Just signup and start building your event by following these simple steps.
What are your support hours?
  • We strive for quick responses to your inquiries on live chat and phone or within 30 minutes via email.
How does registration, event website and preference form work ?
  • With webMOBI, the event website and preference form can be activated rapidly from dashboard by choosing which features you want to activate for website.
  • With registration you have options to a range of features including the ability to create multiple ticket types, discount codes, configure visibility, brand/customize your registration page, etc.
  • Preference forms enable you to create your own workflow based on the type of attendee like exhibitor, attendee, media, VIP or any other category. Easily download responses from the dashboard.