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You can integrate live polls, surveys, activity feeds, gamification, email campaigns, push messaging, interactive agenda, mood-o-meter and more making your event an interactive experience.

Virtual events

Share information effortlessly

Use the Push feature to easily and quickly share updates such as schedule changes. Increase engagement by sending presentations, videos and documents.

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Full Customer Support

The webMOBI support team is readily available to assist anyone needing help planning an event. We will offer full support and also work to upload all the data to your app. If you don't have the time to manage the app, we will do it for you. You also get an on-site support specialist, globally.

Your data security is our highest priority

The webMOBI platform can only be accessed using 256-bit SSL and our secure API can only be accessed by using user credentials or a user-revocable token. Hosted on protected AWS infrastructure, all your data is backed up and recoverable.

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webMobi Benefits

Increase your Attendees engagement.

Engage your attendees using versatile features such as gamification, live Q&A and more.

Lead Generation

Use business card scanning to increase and capture quality leads.

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Securely expand your networking opportunities through meeting invites and chat options.

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Instant Feedbacks

Get live feedback from Attendees using webMOBI's live polls and Q&A features.

Case Study

How Drones can make your Event Attendees Dumbfounded! 7 Best ways to Use Drones at Events!

Flying drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are finding its way into the event industry apart from its use in defense. The impact that drones can make on event attendees is unimaginably high. There are innumerable ways through which event organizers [Read More...]

Why are Feedbacks Central to the Success of an Event?

As an organizer if you feel you can surmise the needs and desires of the attendees of your event, you may be wrong to a great extent. Mistakes are bound to intervene your event. The process of understanding another person’s mind and thoughts [Read More...]

Need Loyal Attendees? Earn them Now! Learn How!

A large majority of events are dependent on repeat attendees so as to keep up reputation and augment the head count. To achieve this organizers need to deliver quality experience that will in turn entice them to the organizers other events. [Read More...]